The Original Ms Frizzle Hands The Keys Over To A New Generation In The Magic School Bus Rides Again Trailer

Netflix is bringing back the Magic School Bus, but everything is newer and hipper: The school has solar panels, the animation is simpler, Liz the iguana is a DJ. Thankfully, the song hasn't changed.

Image: Netflix

Most of us remember the original Magic School Bus as that video our primary school science teacher showed when he or she didn't feel like teaching. Some of us may even know that there were books. But Lily Tomlin's iconic voice acting as Ms Frizzle guided us through human bodies, the solar system, and the depths of the ocean.

Now, Tomlin's Frizzle — in an uncharacteristically understated outfit — is on hand to pass the keys and the class to her sister Fiona Felicity Frizzle (Kate McKinnon).

You know, brand-new Frizzle and adventures aside, I want to know what OG Frizzle is doing with the monkey at the end.

The Magic School Bus Rides Again comes to Netflix September 22.


    I remember this as part of a saturday morning cartoon lineup at some point along with Carmen Sandiago and such way back in the day.
    It's cool, that they're bringing it back for a new generation of kids...
    The internet is reacting pretty typically. "Blah blah, childhood ruined, etc etc."

    but everything is newer and hipper

    Well that kinda explains everything.

    I'm excited for a new generation to experience such an amazing show, but man, that animation is kind of terrible.

      So is the Frizz' hip, or at least that's my suspicion as to why she stepping off the bus

    Man I feel sorry for kids these days, growing up on cheap stiff flash animation.

    I thought technology was meant to improve things. From what i heard, working in flash is less fun, and produces a crapper result. No idea why artists don't question the point of even using it.

    Other than technical 3d techniques, elements and backgrounds, I think the world will be much happier if they just went back to hand drawn animation and throw flash out for good.

      Totally agree. The flash crap is what I think is really putting people off. It works ok for some things, but its become 'the' thing, and now everything looks the same.

        That would be because of the outline options they get if drawing in flash. Flash is cheaper than traditional animation because you draw key frames only and then use tweening to get them from pose a to pose b. Makes it a lot chepaer and less time consuming.

    The VA of the OG Friz is 78. What a dame.

    Also did they get Little Richard back to sing the theme song again? That's commitment.

      That ain't Little Richard my man that is Lin-Manuel Miranda!!!

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