The Translucent PS4 Controllers Are Back

Image: Sony

It's officially called the "Crystal" controller, but let's just call it what it is: a very neat, translucent Dualshock 4 controller.

In an email to press and a post on the PlayStation Blog, Sony has announced that last year's Crystal Dualshock 4 controllers would go on sale again from October 18.

This year's model, according to Sony, will "offer both direct USB and wireless control options". That's nice, and there's also translucent red and blue variants if those are more your style:

Images: Sony

Regardless of the colour, you'll pay $99.95 for any of the new controllers. Interestingly, the red and blue models won't be available in the UK, and none of them are available in Russia at all. So if you want some (very limited) bragging rights, I guess you can have those too.


    Be nice if they did one in a grey that matched the 20th anniversary controller. But that blue ain't bad.

    I love the one I picked up last time but I wish it was transparent. I'm paying good money, I should be allowed to peek inside...

    I have the clear one. Cool to see the little turbines working to rumble the controller. probably the highlight.

    I wish the lights on the front of the controllers wasn't so aggressive.


    Not sure I'm ready to give up my 20th Anniversary Grey tho

    These remind me of the old PS1 coloured see through ones they did back in the early 00's

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