There’s A Kingsman Comic All About Brexit

There’s A Kingsman Comic All About Brexit

Today the next chapter in the Kingsman saga, The Red Diamond, begins at Image Comics. But before that, your next taste of the comic book adventures of Eggsy comes from a far weirder source… and comes with an even weirder premise.

Image: Playboy Magazine. Art by Ozgur Yildirim.

There’s A Kingsman Comic All About Brexit

The short story, by Red Diamond writer Rob Williams and with art by Ozgur Yildirim, can’t be found on a comic book shelf — because it’s actually in the pages of the latest issue of Playboy, released last week. Turns out this does in fact get weirder!

Set in a weird hybrid of the Kingsman movie and comic book continuities, “The Big Exit” follows Eggsy as he’s tasked with safeguarding the controversial Brexit “divorce fee” on its journey to Brussels. In the real world, for those that require a bit of translation, the divorce fee is a £50 billion down payment on various financial settlements the UK is meant to pay when it leaves the European Union in 2019, that is currently being endlessly debated by both sides of the Brexit negotiation table. In Kingsman it’s a £100 billion lump sum for the same, expect some reason it’s being offered in the form of solid gold bars.

There’s A Kingsman Comic All About Brexit

The whole thing gets much weirder from there, including a plan hatched by pro-Brexit terrorists disguised as mimes with questionable French accents to steal the gold back for the UK, and an eventual revelation that Eggsy’s mission is in fact a decoy so that the Kingsmen themselves can swipe the gold from both the UK Government and the EU and use it to fund hospitals and education services back in England — a reference to the infamous Brexit lie that money currently being paid to the EU could be paid to the National Health Service in the wake of a successful leave vote.

There’s A Kingsman Comic All About Brexit

Yeah, I’m just as confused as you probably are, honestly.

You’ll have to pick up a copy if you want to read the full thing — for once, the adage of “only reading it for the articles” is actually in effect! — but this is a weirdly British comic’s take on a weirdly British situation, in the craziest possible way.

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