There's More Mini SNES Stock In Australia

Image: Nintendo

If you want to get a Mini SNES on launch day, move quickly because there's more stock in the country.

EB Games just announced on Twitter that "extremely limited units" are available for preorder, but you'll have to pick up in store if you want the units on launch day. As was the case before, it'll cost you $120 for the console.

If you are grabbing a Mini SNES, remember to add the AC adapter into your cart separately as the Mini SNES doesn't ship with one.


    There's More Mini SNES Stock In Australia

    All three or four of them, Alex?

    Can someone from Kotaku please talk to an actual distributor about the SNES classic. I've now visited 12 different stores across two towns with no one able to give me any information. This leads me to believe the "shortage" and "limitation" is a hoax.
    From all the retailers I got the same answer "we don't know when the unit is arriving or how many units the store will receive, if any, please check closer to the date".
    I did find one retailer (at BIG W) that knew about the anticipation of it and had this to say.

    There isn't any information from the distributor at the moment on how many units are available for the country, or individual stores. Each store will only find out the units they will be receiving once shipments arrive, however when the NES classic was released despite the online hype the units were available here for many months. We will also be getting multiple shipments of the unit over the rest of the year, so even if you miss out on launch day you'll get another chance.

    My best advice is to come here on launch day (sep 30) and see if they have arrived, we'll know everything about it then as it'll be on the system. At that time you'll be able to put one aside (if you can't pick one up) and definitely get one on next shipment.

    I also know Target will be stocking them so check there on launch too if we have sold out.
    School Holidays are coming up and all focus is on Toy Sales, the SNES Classic is more of an adult device so advertising for it won't be pushed until after Halloween promotions in anticipation for Xmas. That's all I know for now.

    This guy was legend, the first clerk who knew his stuff. It only takes a phone call to find out actual information rather than relying on eb games twitter.

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