This Might Be The Monster Hunter Game For Me

Goodness, I know I've tried. Since Monster Hunter exploded on the PSP, I've always felt that this was a series I should be into. Like, it was a requirement for me as a resident of Japan. Yet I could never quite get into Monster Hunter.

There are various reasons why we can't get into certain games, whether it's the story, the characters or the art design. I've always liked the way Monster Hunter looks, and I like monsters, so this should be a no brainer. But yet, nope.

Maybe it was the controls? If you play Monster Hunter on a regular basis, the controls are now part of your genetic make up. For everyone else, they were oblique.

Monster Hunter: World keeps those controls that longtime fans are more than familiar with, but adds new streamlined ones that are more akin to modern games.

The shooting mechanics, in particular, have been overhauled in the new controls, so anyone who has played a recent third-person shooter will feel right at home and won't have to learn Capcom's awkward shooting controls. However, those who like Monster Hunter's traditional controls will still be able to use them.

At the Tokyo Game Show, I played two rounds of four player co-op. The in-game world comes alive in a way I hadn't seen in previous Monster Hunter games. Everything, from the paints to the ants, are teeming with activity.

The four of us successfully completed the quest, and I was quickly starting to see the appeal.

That appeal hasn't changed. Now, it's readily apparent to those trying to get into Monster Hunter. You're still getting together and hunting a giant monster, but it's now presented in a way that I don't have to worry about trying to figure out a very specific control scheme.

By the end of the second quest, I didn't feel like I was battling unintuitive controls and was focusing more on hunting monsters, soaking up the rich environments and enjoying the camaraderie of my fellow hunters. This is the world of Monster Hunter. Welcome.


    I was burning on the MH series after the turd burger that was the Wii release. I am optimistically going to wait on the side to see if some of the more frustrating issues have been fixed and whether some of the classes will be more useful in the face of less restrictive controls.

    So much what the guy says...

    Game has big ass monsters I get to kill with big ass, cool looking weapons. Absolutely everything on the ingredients list sounds like it should always be my GOTY yet every time I try it I just cannot get into the thing at all. Even weirder considering I spent 50% of my time in Horizon just hunting and playing with the different beasts as an example. Fingers crossed it will all finally come together this time.

    Have never played a MH game but have always wanted to - never owned a psp or recent Nintendo console:
    So happy there is a PS4 game coming, I want to be excited but I'm not sure what I'm getting myself into really

    For me it was not only the awkward-ass controls, but also the very unintuitive approach of not actually being able to go out into the world to collect your crafting shit unless you were on a (timed) hunt. (Some of which you should intentionally fail?)

    Made zero sense to me.

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