Tooth And Tail's Art Is Gorgeous

Images: Tooth and Tail

We've already talked about Tooth and Tail, the simplified RTS from the makers of Monaco. But something that I really wanted to call to your attention is that the artwork in-game is truly, truly beautiful.

If you haven't see Tooth and Tail before, it's a game that revolves around revolution with ferrets and mice. Playable on consoles and PC, players get a single commander unit that acts as the focal point for all your commands. A single click tells units to charge; holding the button down orders a retreat.

Tooth And Tail Makes Strategy Games Approachable

Rodents roar across the plains. Ferrets launch mortars into farms. In the distance, cobras slither closer, ready to tear down a freshly-built bunker. Tooth and Tail is a real-time strategy game that puts you in the commander's chair of a gunpowder-era Redwall war while trying to avoid pitfalls that keep newcomers from experiencing that splendor.

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It's an interesting direction for RTS and a far cry from the APM-heavy micromanagement of StarCraft Remastered. But what really caught my eye was the aesthetic: imagine an RTS set in the darkest timelines of The Animals of Farthing Wood, with factions of talking pigeons, hawks, mice, beavers battling for territory, but more importantly, food.

Images: Tooth and Tail

If you dig through the install folder, however, you can look at all of the portraits individually. It's worth a few minutes digging in Windows Explorer.

Images: Tooth and Tail

Not bad from an indie studio that doesn't have millions of dollars to spend on teams of artists. And while I haven't finished the full campaign, Tooth and Tail is pretty enjoyable as well, if only to see what a more simplified RTS future might look like.


    The artist is actually my friend.
    Please check out his DeviantArt page, his username is chichapie. Maybe you can feature him in the artist showcase.

      That's a great idea!

        Hello Alex Walker,

        I am Jerome Jacinto, the artist who did those painted stuff up there. I’d suggest you check this site:

        It contains all of my recent artwork, both personal and professional. The link to my deviantart above isnt being updated anymore. Thanks! :D

        Last edited 20/09/17 8:17 pm

    First thing I thought was Armello, that's a good thing.

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