Watch Sony's Pre-TGS Press Conference Here

Image: Kotaku

Not everything will be relevant to Western gamers, but Sony's pre-TGS press conference is usually always loads of fun. And if you'd like to tune in, you can do so right here.

The conference is scheduled to kick off around 1700 AEST / 1500 AWST / 1630 ACST / 1900 NZST. It'll be streamed through YouTube, which you can watch below, and while there might not be a slew of new announcements there should be some fresh footage worth checking out.

I'd expect Koei Tecmo to show off a Dynasty Warriors game or two, and it'd be odd if we didn't get some extra Monster Hunter World footage. It's also about time we saw some more gameplay from the Horizon: Zero Dawn DLC, although whether Japan is the right target market is another matter entirely.

Last year's pre-TGS show also had a ton of Japanese-specific PSVR games. That was just fun to watch, more than anything else. There's typically a new bundle or a special controller shown off, too.

And hey, maybe we'll see some Death Stranding. But probably not.

What games would you like to see - and what do you think Sony will hold back for their PlayStation Experience event at the end of the year?


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