What Was The First Stealth Video Game?

Picking firsts in video game history isn't easy. For example: Resident Evil was the first survival horror game. Nope, try Alone in the Dark. Oh wait, was it Sweet Home (the inspiration for RE)? Massive argument ensues. At the risk of starting his own related brawl, Alex Lemcovich of Stealth Docs has put forward his idea of the first stealth game. Care to guess?

According to Lemcovich's 15-minute video on the topic, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake in 1990 served as "the first video game to offer a comprehensive stealth gameplay experience", however, the very first game to provide some sort of "cat-and-mouse" mechanic was 1979's Shoplifting Boy, developed by Hiroshi Suzuki.

Image: Stealth Docs (via YouTube)

But the journey doesn't stop there. Turns out Suzuki holds another accolade, though I won't spoil that. Check out Lemcovich's doco instead.

A History of Stealth Games | The 'First' Stealth Game [YouTube]


    the original wolfenstein was the first stealth game I played (apple IIc)

      That was a great game, I played it on C64. Being able to kill soldiers and take their uniforms, bribe guards for passes, or being able to drag bodies so they don't get discovered, there were so many great ideas well ahead of its time.

      Although I do tend to confuse it with its sequel, Beyond Castle Wolfenstein. I remember that one a bit better because you get to kill Hitler.

    Mine would have been Base Jumpers on the Amiga

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