What's The Best Clan Name You've Ever Seen?

Image: Bungie/Destiny 2

Having played Counter-Strike for way too many years, I've seen plenty of clan names in my time. But one of the better ones popped up last night, in the middle of a Crucible match.

Clan names are a lot more fun than in the early 2000's, when military divisions and capitalised second letters were popular. World of Warcraft opened the door to a lot more social guilds, and these days there's plenty of puns and clever clan names worth cracking a smile over.

One I always enjoyed back in the day was "Stop, Drop and Troll", which was appropriate for the Counter-Strike 1.6 era. Another good one from this week: Better Homes and Guardians, obviously a reference to Destiny.

What are the best clan names you've seen?


    I've always gone serious whenever I name my guilds and groups, was stumped and asked a friend for a suggestion and he said the dickheads.. Every group I've had since has been "The Phallic Hats".

    Kotaku AU is the best one I've ever seen!

    My destiny groups clan name for D2 is EDZ Deathrays. It was the only name we came up with that none of us hated.

    I was GM for a wow guild "Loading Please Wait...." our Tabard was an hour glass as well, used to have so many PUB raid moments of people saying "Just waiting on Lore looks like he's still loading in" was good for a laugh.

    When I'm looking to start a guild in games, its usually just as somewhere to park my stuff, so often a guild of one. More often than not I call the guild Tourettes so I can swear as much as I f$%^ing want to.

    *edit* and almost forgot to mention Frayed Knot, the EQ guild I had so much fun with. Not that any of them will read this (US based guild), but shoutout to anyone that ever played on the Rathe server and knew us. Always loved that guild name.

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    AussieBattlers haha my clan on Destiny bloody join ya drongo

    My destiny 2 is called the Volus Bankers.

    Feel free to join!

    Back in the Quake and Quake 3 days my friend was part of a clan called Clan destine.
    Thought it was a pretty neat name.

    In Star Wars The Old Republic we were the Moff Divers.

    I once saw a WoW guild called "STDs are BOP"

      I once started a WoW guild with that name, although it was only a small guild and it was a running joke already so I doubt it was the first. Still, was asked to change it after maybe 6 months so someone somewhere was offended.

    There's an Australian clan in World of Warships called Stop The Boats which always amused me.

    I'm in a clan called DCS - Death Comes Suddenly and for awhile our motto was; i see fragged people.

    There was a guild on my original wow realm called Six Feet Under, most of the players were undead.

    One of the best names I've seen is from the early days of Destiny 1. A clan called "Registered Vex Offenders". Still gets a chuckle from me every time.


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