What's The Worst Biscuit?

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Walking into the office kitchen this morning, people discovered that we have way too many assorted creams. Which is a problem, because assorted creams are the hottest of garbage.

Apart from being a pack of biscuits that doesn't have a) Scotch Fingers or b) chocolate Scotch Fingers, assorted creams also has the worst biscuit by a country mile: Kingstons.

They're terrible. The chocolate cream is garbage. The biscuit goes rock hard after a little while and the texture isn't as good as a Butternut Snap or a gingernut.

Hell, even Iced VoVo's are head and shoulders above Kingstons.

Of course, as we quickly discovered, people are serious about their biscuits. So let's use this week's Off Topic to settle things.

What's the worst biscuit?


    Griffins "wheat digestives"....It's a thing here in NZ. Name says it all....

    Personally, I've never been able to stand Lemon Crisps. The sourness of the lemon is one thing, but that salty flavour on top just makes them uneatable to me.

    My favourite is Tina Wafers, then it's a toss up between monte carlos and iced vovos. Both of which I hated when I was a kid but now I like. Probably because they remind me of my Nana and it feels kinda Australian to be eating them.

    New Recipe Shapes

      Can't believe it took until the second page for someone to mention these.

        I didn't even consider them for the question, the word biscuit makes me think of things like shortbread creams not snack foods like shapes.

        New shapes clearly are the worst biscuit in history.

    Kingstons are the only edible biscuits in the assorted creams packet, and this kind of media slander is typical of the anti-Kingston agenda of the modern era.

    Kingstons and Monte Carlos are the Devil's lettuce. Whoever invented those can roast in hellfire.

    Shortbread creams and caramel crowns are where it's at, friend. Especially the latter when kept in the back end of the fridge.

    Not sure what's worse... That there's a biscuit article on Kotaku, or that the author knows nothing of biscuit quality. Kingston master race.

    Kingstons are easily my favourite in assorted creams. No idea what the author is on about!

    worst biscuits imo are scotch finger. But I'm more a savoury cracker guy.
    Savoury shapes or country cheese. Yum!

    kingston are amazing how dare you ridicule the wonderbiscuit!!!!!!

    assorted creams and scotch fingers will disappear in an hour. Then we have a giant jar full of the boring biscuits that slowly gets eaten over the course of a week.

    The facebook comments to this article are scathing, hate-filled... and absolutely justified.

    Kingstons rule, those really hard chocolate biscuits drool.

    Take your choice of Arnott's Granita, Milk Arrowroot or Shredded Wheatmeal. Gingernut pretty bad too.

    Crack open the Royals Milk Chocolate FTW!

    No name brand versions of anything. I love Kingstons, they're always my biscuit of choice. But only the Arnott's brand. I made the mistake of buying the no name brand once (trying to save some money) and ended up throwing the half eaten packet out. They were terrible. Went straight back to the store to get the real deal to refresh my taste buds.

    I really want a Kingston now.

    Office I used to work in had both the cream and non-cream Arnotts family assorted biscuits. Our admins open up one at a time, rotating between the two, so they wouldn't open the second pack until the first pack had been completely finished. If the cream version was out in the morning, all of the biscuits were gone by the end of the day (actually most likely by 3pm). If the non-cream were out, they lasted for at least a week (but the good ones like Scotch Fingers were picked out, the crap ones were left behind). Admins refused to open up the creams until all of the non-cream biscuits were gone.

    As for Kingstons, they're great.

    Ginger ones are usually the last ones to go in my office

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