What's The Worst Soft Drink?

People have lots of things they love, and soft drink is no different. But it's more common that people have one or two flavours that they physically cannot stand, and so for this week's Big Question I'm keen to know: what soft drink do you hate the most?

For me, Dr. Pepper and sarsaparilla were two soft drinks that I simply couldn't stomach. I've tried multiple times. My mum is a fan of the latter in particular, and I think slightly less of her every time she drinks that. But to be fair, she also enjoys licorice, which has always made me question how we're actually related.

(If you don't get it, the above is slightly a joke. We love each other dearly. But fuck licorice.)

A quick poll of the office revealed other soft drink flavours that, for various reasons, are on people's blacklist:

  • Soft drinks with sugar
  • Lift - it's like Solo, but too sweet and therefore objectively worse
  • Passiona - apparently this is because the can was coloured purple, which made Chris think it was grape-flavoured, which he hates
  • Diet Coke - "It's an abomination", according to Mark
  • Root beer - Imagine ginger beer, designed by an arsehole

So, that's enough of me ranting on about soft drinks.

What soft drinks do you hate?


    A white grape and aloe vera one I found in a vending machine in Japan. The flavour would have been okay but as soon as I realised the aloe vera part meant large chunks of aloe vera leaf floating in the drink I was out. Was the worst unexpected sensation.

      Also I've never understood how people can drink Mountain Dew. *shudders*

        I can't drink Mountain Dew. I looked at it once and thought "that looks like urine," and that ruined Mountain Dew for me forever.

          If your urine is the colour of Mountain Dew, it's probably time to see a doctor.

            I for one think Crab Juice is the best.

            Just wish they didn't caffeinate it, there was no need.

          So does that mean you don't drink beer or cider either?

        That episode of the Simpsons when they go to NYC made me not bother trying mountain dew for over a decade. I've tried it recently and it's not that bad to my taste buds.

      I had something similar at a Korean restaurant. It was a grape flavored drink called Gong Gong. Had some jelly on the bottom. It was all good up to that point.

        Have you tried those Fanta cans you shake and half the drink turns into jelly?

    Irn bru.

    Come at me @markserrels.

      One of these days I wanna try that stuff. Never seem to see it anywhere though.

        It's at every Woolworths and Coles at the international food section.

          Not at mine unfortunately. :\ I have 2 close by, and am familiar with about 3 others around where I used to live, and I've never seen it at any of them. Sucks.

          I have always lived in heavily Asian populated areas, so perhaps that's why. There's heaps of Asian/Indian kind of stuff in the international section, but nothing else.

          It's the crap international version. No quinine so it tastes too sweet and no caffeine either.

            dude, thank you so much.

            I have a massive allergy to quinine - like death allergy.
            I had no idea quinine was in Irn Bru.

            Fuck that shit to hell.

        Most Woolies have what I call the ex-pat section near the Asian and Mexican food. Lots of Kiwi and UK local foods there including Irn Bru and L&P.

          I have 2 local woolies, and neither of them have much in that section. Lots of asian/indian/mexican, but nothing much from elsewhere in the world :\

        Tastes like fizzy orange peel. Not in a good way.

    Pocari Sweat. Saw it for sale everywhere last time I was in Tokyo, it's a fairly ubiquitous drink there. I gave it a try and only managed to drink it all because I was really thirsty, given an alternative I would've poured it down a drain.

    Chinotto by far is the worst. Think of drinking carbonated straight bitters with no alcohol in it. Why does this exist??

      Oh man...it is truly divine. I tried it as a kid and thought it was poison. It's an acquired taste to be sure, but love the stuff now.

      Depends on the brand for me. I'm not a fan of that... I dunno, the one with the black (and gold?) label that comes in the regular big soft drink bottle, far too bitter. But the San Pellegrino stuff is great.

    Dr Pepper and Root beer.

    I can feel the stabbing eyes now..... I mean, I like aniseed occasionally. I love a bit of licorice, even the odd black jelly bean, but it shouldn't be be in a liquid format to be gulped down by the mouthful :\ BLEH!

      I like Dr Pepper but it has to be ice cold. Luke warm cola or Dr Pepper is dreadful.

        haha I think any fizzy drink that's less than cold tends to be gross.

    Love root beer and sarsaparilla, cannot STAND Dr Pepper.

    I also have a very serious grudge against Sunkist/Fanta.

      Sunkist was weird... I don't mind Fanta, but something about Sunkist is just not quite right. Not sure if it's blandness, or trying to be more like a real orange flavour, but it's just not nice. Like, not horrible, but given the choice, I'd go with something else any day.

        Sunkist is really watery in comparison to Fanta

    Legendary Uludag Gazog. It's a drink from Turkey. It's like eating TULIPS!

    Orange version however, is godlike. Don't get the white one.

    Sarsaparilla and root beer.

    I like Dr Pepper though, go figure. It is an acquired taste, I did not like it for some time but frequent exposure to it on US visits has brought me around.

    The one I miss and can't get here is Cherry Lemon Sun Drop.

    Pepsi Max lime. Hands Down.

      yum. loved that stuff

        Dont know how. It tasted and smelt like it was lime flavored dish washer detergent.

          i never thought that, i love the cola drinks with citrus added. im not a pepsi max drinker any more though. i go for sugar filled softies (not that i drink very much soft drink anymore) over sugar alternatives.

            Interesting, i found it quite off putting the lime flavour, but really like the vanilla.

              haha, im opposite, dont like the vanilla additive in the cokes or pepsis, but, i love it in root beer and creamy soda. go figure.

    I think Lift also agreed that they were worse than Solo, and changed the recipe in an effort to be *less* sweet than Solo. Now it tastes like drinking lemon juice. Yum?

      Still pretty great with vodka. Better than lemonade, at any rate.

    Red Bull.

    Back in "normal" soft drink territory, I really don't like Coke. Or Pepsi. Or any cola reall, although LA Ice is probably the worst of them all.

      I'll pretend I didn't hear that.

      Having said that, some of the RB alternate flavours are forgettable.

        I recall one of the Chuck Norris jokes being that Red Bull is actually his urine.

        I would have no trouble believing that were true.

    Joining in on the Dr pepper hate train.

    Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Max along with all other "diet" and "no sugar" soft drinks need to be removed of the face of the earth

      I don't like them either. I know other people who like them, so to each their own. But whoever was the idiot in marketing who said they taste the same needs to be fired immediately.

    I like sars/root beer/Dr Pepper, but my main problem with Dr Pepper (and most American drinks I've tried really) is they just have this weird kind of... "empty" quality to them? There's something about the taste that's just hollow compared to other drinks we have around here.

    i dont enjoy sarsaparilla flavours very much, i also dont like soft drinks that substitute sugar for fake alternatives.
    the ones i disliked the most were the golden circle diet range, man they tasted horrible.

    It is so Mountain Dew. Even down to the name. Will this this taste like pure dew from the highest climbs? Like fuck it will.

    Fanta is sickening. Faux Orange that tastes like someone failed carbon chemistry.

    Pepsi hate it... I love Coke and getting told "We don't have that would you like a Pepsi" I look at them pull my most disgusted face and ask for Mountain Dew or Lemonade.

    And the worst.... Water. Yuck!

    Anything orange coloured!!! Can't imagine buying a bottle of fanta yuck

    Passiona - apparently this is because the can was coloured purple, which made Chris think it was grape-flavoured, which he hates

    So the name "Passiona" didn't give him any hints that it may be passionfruit flavoured?

    Anyway, the worst softdrinks I've tried were those K-Mart brand softdrinks - they were called something like "Australia's Choice" and they had a big A on the can. I don't think they sell them anymore but they used to sell them in bulk in store and had vending machine for them as well. And they were horrible.

      Those were next-level foul. Just face-meltingly sweet and even more artificial tasting than most other drinks. The cola in particular tasted like plastic.

    All the ones with sugar in them - sugar gives me a massive headache.

    Dr Pepper is disgusting - it tastes like they got a bunch of other soft drinks and mixed them together.

    Love me some Dr Pepper.
    The handy thing with Dr. Pepper is that because so many people dislike it, you can leave a bottle in a shared fridge...and no one will touch it.

    Although I’m yet to try it the new “No Sugar Coke with Coffee” could make that hated list.

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