Why Not Have A 49" Ultrawide Monitor

Image: Youtube (Booredatwork.com)

I know people who get really proud about their PC setups, to the point where they talk about it like an investment property. And for those people, a 49" wide monitor would be the ultimate present.

It's the most absurd monitor from Samsung's QLED range, basically filling the role of "would you like to have one monitor large enough to take the space of three".

Image: Youtube (Trusted Reviews)

It's been doing the rounds at conventions for the last couple of months, but went under my radar a little bit just due to the sheer amount of everything else that was going on. Like the other CFG monitors, one of which I've written about before, the CHG90 has a slight curve, VA panel, 144hz maximum refresh rate and support for AMD Freesync and HDR.

Importantly, the CHG90 has that improved base and hinge that means it shouldn't wobble on the desk as much, an issue I had with the CHG70. I don't own a desk large enough to comfortably house three screens, and I'm not sure I'd get comfortable constantly darting my eyes back and forth just to flick between, say, the crosshairs and the radar.

More than that, though, I'm not sure any of my desks are clean enough for a monitor this size. Yeah, I'm a terrible person.


    Would hate to see the price of this..

      $2500 on mwave

        That's not terrible. Not cheap by any stretch, but for someone doing crazy things, its not a crazy price.

        Way out of my range, but I can see some people being happy to pay it, just to stand out from the crowd.

        It cost me $1000 for 3 1080p 60Hz monitors with a mount. This price actually seems pretty reasonable.


    Just no

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