Why Wario And Waluigi Don’t Have Girlfriends

Why Wario And Waluigi Don’t Have Girlfriends
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If Mario has Peach, why doesn’t Wario have…I dunno, Meach?

It’s a fair question, and one that I’d never known the answer to (if in fact there ever was an answer). I do now, though, thanks to the unearthing of an old Nintendo Power interview by the excellent Supper Mario Broth.

Back in 2000, the magazine spoke with Hiroyuki Takahashi and Shugo Takahashi, two developers from Camelot, the studio best known for its work on Nintendo sports games like Mario Golf and Tennis.

And this happened:

There’s a lot to unpack here, from Luigi’s arranged courtship to that rude question about Daisy, but boy, that final answer. Savage. Poor guys. No wonder they’re always so cranky.

Via Go Nintendo.


  • Why doesn’t Wario and Waluigi have girlfriends you ask? (Duh) because they are both evil brothers who are trying to get their revenge on both Mario and Luigi and even seeing them work for Bowser in Nintendo and CAMELOT’S Mario Power Tennis even better. Because it’s not jusy Wario who hates Mario and it’s not only Waluigi who hates Luigi but Bowser, Wario, and Waluigi hate them all because they are so furious over why both Mario and Luigi have both girlfriends Daisy and even Princess Peach. And what do they do? They starting tossing and firing bombs at them just to try amd break up their relationship and as for Bowser well he fires a Bullet Bill at Mario and what does he do? He smashes the Bullet Bill away with his tennis racket and that’s when Wario, Bowser, and Waluigi’s plan to break up Mario and Luigi’s relationship fails and soon enough they are all defeated. So I would like say to Wario and Waluigi to get a life and move on because they are never going to find any girlfriends anytime soon but for now they should just remain as evil brothers and hopefully come up with another evil plan to get their revenge against Mario and Luigi very soon.

  • Depends whether the W in Wario is a mirrored M or a rotated M. In which case Peach becomes ‘beach’ or ‘deach’.

  • I always sort of assumed they just had each other. Like Wario is super obsessed with being like Mario and he forced his lover to be Luigi because he’s the only one that can stand to be around him.

  • Wario and waluigi don’t exactly work for bowser except for once probably. And what about Rosalina, she seems like she might be a good girl for waluigi but not wario, and plus the wario bros. are rogues( bad people who work alone ) but for now we don’t have any idea who Rosalina will love, and wario bros. stay rogue

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