Win A Copy Of Total War: Warhammer 2 By Doing This Extremely Dumb Thing

Image: Total War: Warhammer 2

Oh hey friends. Total War: Warhammer 2 has dropped and to celebrate we've team up with SEGA to give away 5 LIMITED EDITIONS of the game. And we've gone super weird on the entry mechanic this time around.

We're kicking it old school and drawing inspiration from Warhammer's tabletop days. To enter, we want you to create your very own Warhammer figurine... from the ordinary stuff you have laying around your house. And you have to give it a name.

As an example, Alex made a Hydra Tank from jelly snakes and Chupa Chups:

Image: Kotaku Australia

I know you can do better.

To be eligible you'll need to leave a photo or link (such as Imgur) to your photo in the comments below AND tell us the name of your unit.

It can be based off a real Warhammer or 40K unit, or you can make up your own. Just be sure to give it a great name! As always, keep it clean and inoffensive!

No proper models, kits, paints or anything that resembles real models can be used. Everyday household items only.

The competition is restricted to Australian residents only and make sure you use a valid email address in your Kotaku profile so we can contact you if you win.

The competition is limited to one entry per person and one prize per winner. You can read the rest of the terms and conditions here.

The competition will end on October 9th 2017 at 12pm and winners will be announced shortly afterwards. Good luck and may paint jobs win!


    Does "ordinary stuff you have laying around your house" include actual Warhammer 40K/Fantasy models? ^_-

    Last edited 28/09/17 11:56 am

      Nope, they need to be everyday items

        So...a box of nails, spool of solder, and soldering iron, used to solder a nail beast is (not?) acceptable.

          If you want to go to that effort I'll allow it, haha. It's more about not using Warhammer models, LEGO and toys not being used because that's definitely cheating haha

    Sundry Warhammer parts don't count as ordinary stuff you have lying around the house right?

    Obviously this is a 'War Croc with Owl Rider' - a deadly combo.

      Is that an enclosed habitat or is the lighting just weird?

        Ha. Yeah, I keep all my crazy creations in a special enclosure. ;) No, its just weird lighting.Its my phone camera. Maybe it does some processing.

    Sooooo going to be all over this like Termagaunts over... well, anything

    Oh man I was literally just thinking a few hours ago how there's never any cool competitions any more (those being what got me onto this site in the first place).

    Too bad I don't know anything about/have little interest in this one. Stupid monkey paw :P

    It's a uhh... Looted Leman Russ... If the pickings were quite slim... You could say the Orks' ingenuity lies in their ability to throw any old junk together into something workable :P
    We'll call it the "Nutella Propella" or something like that.

    Can I use my lego? I use my lego almost every day and as such consider it an every day item? I'd love to make something awesome out of lego for this amazing universe!

    Here's my entry. Just let me know if it's ineligeable;

    The images that are taken inside is the unit itself and the images taken outside is the unite engaging in a fight against some orcs that wish for Chaos.

    Unit Name; Vampire Counts Living Skeletons First Assault 1 [or VCLS:FA 1 for short]

    The lore behind it; In the latest alliance between Bretonia and the Vampire Counts to stop The Chaos the Vampire Counts have raised the dead to strengthen their numbers. Living skeletons are truly the best soldiers. These soldiers do not fatigue, do not feel hunger or pain. The weather does not affect them and they feel no fear. These warriors charge headfirst into battle at the command of the Vampire Counts. However more was needed and so Bretonian scholars researched new technologies made available to the Vampire Counts. The result was the VCLS:FA. These units may be the turning point in this war.

    p.s. this whole thing was made entirely from scratch with random bits of lego i had lying around. Threw them together over night and this was the result. Don't go too harsh on it.

      Haha mate, you have too much time on your hands don't you?


      LEGO are toys that are designed for building, so it's a no as per my previous comment. Very cool though :)

        Ah ok, well just think of my previous one as a "hey that's pretty cool". Ill make something else :)

    Just reiterating again everyone - no professional model or toy stuff that is designed for building; no matter what genre, universe, etc it was created for.

    If it's a pre-existing toy or model part - it's a no. We used Chupa Chups and jelly snakes - use that as your guide for what we mean by everyday, haha.


    @teganjones Alright, since my other one was ineligible I present this;
    The first 2 images are a basic image and the final image is an artistic rendition.

    It's a Gronofokulus, an ITMDV; Infantry Transport and Mass Destruction Vehicle. This Unit can be used to transport high value troops from one point to another safely and can also be used to wipe out large clusters of enemies. The laser can be fired 3 times at standard power before overheating and needing to cool down or fired once at maximum power. This vehicle is used by the Bretannians after their scholars made a breakthrough in technology that allowed them to cybernetically modify animals. In this case an elephant was modified. The ITAMD cross rough terrains and is an amphibious vehicle.

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