$500+ Axis & Allies Board Game Is Getting Reprinted

Image: Wizards of the Coast

The Anniversary Edition of Larry Harris' Axis & Allies, released in 2008, is considered the definitive version of the famous board game. Set during the Second World War, players take on one or more sides representing the countries involved in the conflict. Unfortunately, the game has been out of print for a long time, with unopened copies going for many hundreds of dollars — $500 or more in some instances.

Looks like publisher Wizards of the Coast wanted some of the secondary market pie, with a reprint announced for November this year.

Announced in August, the Anniversary Edition is essentially a reprint of the 2008 game, rather than a revised edition. However, it will come with a few tweaks in the form of an updated rulebook containing frequently asked questions and errata, as well as a modified map that corrects confusion during setup:

  • Components are the same number as previously released (over 650)
  • Rules now include errata and FAQ (Avalon Hill/Wizards worked closely with Larry Harris on this)
  • MSRP is $100 (same as before)
  • The map had very minor modifications like the Japanese marker was removed from Manchuria and Kiangsu

And it comes with paper money to represent IPC, which was removed from later Axis & Allies games.

Image: Wizards of the Coast

Despite some local stores offering the pre-order, Amazon remains the cheapest place to grab it — $129 Australian delivered. The official release is November 1, so don't start planning your manoeuvres just yet.


    I remember the first time playing this took so long to set up that we ended up going to bed and trying again the next day.

    I still got the classic version of this. Such a great game. I used to play against myself on weekends because my only other mates who played it lived in other towns so could rarely get together for a game.

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