World Of Warcraft’s Latest Would Have Made A Great Expansion

World Of Warcraft’s Latest Would Have Made A Great Expansion

This is it. After fleeing from their home world thousands, hundreds or dozens of years ago (depending on lore revisions), World of Warcraft‘s Draenei are ready to take back Argus from the Burning Legion, with the heroes of Azeroth by their side. Kind of beefy for a post-Legion expansion update, isn’t it?

Update 7.3, Shadows of Argus, sees players journeying through space on a Draenei-built starship to the planet of Argus, recently seen pulling a Cybertron in the sky over Azeroth’s capital cities. The end of the Burning Legion, the demonic army that’s been causing trouble in the World of Warcraft forever, is right around the corner. All it’s going to take is a herculean effort by the combined forces of the Horde and Alliance on a planet that’s been in the hands of the enemy for who knows how long.

In the video atop this post we walk through the opening moments of Shadows of Argus from the Alliance side, because it is the best side.

Level 110 Alliance players entering the game are urged to Stormwind Harbour, where a boat is waiting to take them to the Azerothian Draenei capital. It turns out the Draenei, whose city is literally a crashed spaceship, have built a new spaceship and want the player to hop on board. Were I on a role-playing server, this is where I would have quietly wandered off.



But no, I got on the ship and travelled to Argus at warp 5.5. Luckily there was an in-flight movie.

We arrive on Argus just in time to see the legendary band of lost warriors known as the Army of Light appear out of thin air. Hooray! The battle is joined! Oh wait, they have been shot down. I guess we’d better hit the surface and save them.

Blizzard has really gotten its money’s worth with the Legion expansion’s black and green colour scheme. Here’s an entire planet of black and green. I’m surprised there’s any black or green left for everybody else.

Once planetside, players go about the business of getting killed by a bunch of demons because they have not played in several months and aren’t geared for this sort of thing. Maybe that’s just me. I’m sure the regular players are just fine.

Can our heroes liberate Argus from the demonic grip of the Burning Legion? Will the Draenei left behind when the Azerothian contingent fled the planet many years ago still be happy to see us? Did the Army of Light survive?

Probably, sure and yes. It’s all in the update survival guide video Blizzard posted a little while ago. World of Warcraft characters are incredibly long-lived and resilient, unless the plot calls for it.

I know Blizzard wants to put the demon storyline to rest with the Legion expansion and its subsequent updates, maybe get back to the whole Horde versus Alliance thing, but damn this feels fast. We go from “We’re going to Argus!” to “We’re on Argus!” to lying dead on Argus because I seriously need to gear up in 15 minutes. This is a brand-new planet we’re exploring. It’s being treated like Warlords of Draenor‘s Tanaan Jungle, an extra bit at the end.

Once I get suitably geared, I’ll be back on Argus to do my part. Let’s get this green and black over with so we can move on to brilliant new colour combinations.


  • Except that it wouldn’t. We’ve been dealing with Demons, Fel, Green, destruction for about 2+ years now.

    That’s all Argus is now. A desolate wasteland. I’m sick of it TBH. Heaps of my mates are too.

    • Yeah, that’s what it’s like for me. I was hyped to go to Argus and Battle the legion, but it’s so boring looking and the gear is not worth the effort so the player base there is very minimal on high population servers.

      • Nah, the server sharding isn’t doing it justice. The “high pop” servers get split so many different ways that you basically aren’t on your server anymore.

        I’ve seen plenty of activity, there’s more people doing Argus content than there was doing Broken Shore.

  • yes and no honestly. we’ve been fighting the demons for 2 expacks now (since WoD lead into legion) and against The Burning Crusade for 10000 years across 3 warcraft RTS games (plus expansions) and then progressing into WoW

    discounting the content gating. the entire argus story line is literally you and the army of light taking objective after objective and (probably) culminating in the raid (yes LFR players will get shafted for another 2 to 3 months as the individual tiers unlock). to have that spread out over say 10 levels wouldn’t really work (plus it would boring as heck imo)

    what would be nice is there was some sort of post efforts world we can explore. Mac’Acree is very beautiful (again imo) but that’s a wish we can apply to all MMOs

  • The whole thing though feels ‘blah.’ Argus has always been hyped as “The homeworld of the Legion” and whenever portals have been opened here it’s been described as “a “horde of endless demons charging out”

    There’s no feel of struggle, no feel of threat. We turn up and as the article says, the ship belonging to the Army of the Light, that has been fighting the Legion on Argus for thousand of years, gets shot down. Whereas us, in a new, untested ship in an unfamiliar environment isn’t. There’s no mass hordes charging at us. No swarms of fel-bats and flying demons attacking the ship. No front lines where NPC’s battle outside against unending and almost overwhelming odds. It’s all the more galling when the Burning Crusade expansion from ten years ago had a better sense of threat when you entered Hellfire.

    For all the talk about this being the home of the Legion’s power…there’s nothing here. No staging grounds, no armies lined up ready to charge through portals, no construction yards for demonic devices. Just a hunk of rocks scattered around, a handful of the same demon mobs we’ve seen everywhere else and that’s about it.

  • The author should probably spend a bit more time in WoW (or at least more regularly) if they’re going to review new content. Rushing into it when being hopelessly under geared gives you a completely different perspective.

    For me as a 926 ilvl Blood DK, running in there I grouped up larges packs of demons and slaughtered the lot of them. Felt great, some of the mob packs are much more dense than what you’d expect form the rest of Legion, really letting me go nuts destroying swathes of them.

    That said, with the time gated weekly releases of content stretching things out it does feel like there’s a lack of content. 30-60 mins of questing is all it has taken per week so far to be up to date. I’ve still managed to spend plenty of time there though between farming ore for the inflated pricing, racking up my demon kill count to get to 5000 and cycling through rare elite spawns so I can tick all of them off the list.

    On the whole Legion is the best expansion since Wrath, just hoping they finish it off well.

  • I haven’t played in months and I can still solo elites on Argus. You probably just need to roll a vengeance demon hunter.

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