Xbox Has A Clever Way To Save Hard Drive Space

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Being introduced as a way to combat massive game installs and to avoid crippling Xbox One users, Microsoft is rolling out a feature to Xbox One and the Xbox One X that's actually pretty clever.

Unveiled by Digital Foundry overnight, the feature is called Intelligent Delivery. It's basically a way for developers to segment a game's data into "chunks".

From a user perspective, files like audio commentaries can be managed through the Xbox dashboard - and deleted if you don't need them any more. From a dev perspective, it means XBO/XBS users don't have to download 4K assets - because that can be assigned as a chunk just for the Xbox One X.

It should also mean that you don't need to download bits of a game that you don't need, reducing download times. The whole breakdown is below, but it's a pretty reasonable idea given how enormous game installs are getting.

DF cites FIFA, with lots of different audio tracks that players don't need, but another game that comes to mind is Halo. What if you don't want the next Halo campaign? Or what if you only want single-player?

It'll be fun to see what devs can do with this feature in a year or two's time.


    It'll be fun to see what devs can do with this feature in a year or two's time.

    Xbox: You are not good at this game and will never reach levels 5-10. Would you like to delete them to save space?

      That would be kind of amazing if that happened. Then you get achievement hunters deleting all parts of games trying to see what they could get.

      "It looks like you are playing on Daddy's save file. Would you like to delete the game instead?"

    Remember installing programs on windows 95, and selecting custom install? Unticking the AOL demo. Unticking the help files. Reticking big texture pack (warning, 64MB only!).

    Welcome to the future!

    Id like them to also look into getting patches from other Xbox ones on the same network, rather than pulling them down from the net, they could pull them from another Xbox. It would cut down download times considerably.

      Unless you're at a LAN party, I doubt there would be many times when this use case is relevant

      I'm pretty sure that was advertised as part of the next major update.

    Would this mean a cheaper digital copy of the game if I only want say, GTA Online, but not the single player campaign?

    Do you really think a publisher will allow a user to install only the single player content? The amount of money made from microtransactions in multiplayer is huge, they don't want any barriers of entry to that. So "just installing the content you want" isn't part of the equation here, it's "I want everyone to have a chance to fire up the multiplayer on a whim, buy a few skins and XP boosts, and play a few rounds". Won't be supported.

      Call of duty have allowed you to do this for years on steam - multi and single are seperate installs.

    It's downloading Final Fantasy VII one disk at a time.

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