You Can Grab The Steam Link For $27, Again

You Can Grab The Steam Link For $27, Again
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If you missed out on a chance to grab the excellent Steam Link box when it was going for under $30, good news: it’s back.

If you can run a wired connection to or near your TV, or the wireless signal in your house is pretty good, a Steam Link is a fine alternative to having a console or a second gaming PC in the living room.

And that’s partially because of the cost: you can grab one of these little boxes for $27 at EB Games, either in-store or through their website.

You Can Grab The Steam Link For $27, Again

EB’s discounting the Steam Controller as well, although your mileage with that will (probably) vary substantially. I’m a fan of the Steam Controller, although I haven’t customised it enough to the point where I’d play Battlegrounds or CS:GO with it.

For those who do have a Steam Link, tell us: what games have you found work best with it, and what’s your living room setup like?


  • I run a wired gigabit LAN at home.
    Originally, I wanted to play Rocket League on the couch in the living room so I bought a Steam Link to try.
    Essentially, it is playable, but I wouldn’t try and play ranked matches etc. The delay is just enough to make you miss/whiff those shots you’d pull of normally.
    For smaller LAN/couch co-op games like Duck Game or Ultimate Chicken Horse, it works fantastically. The fact that it picks up my PS3 controllers without extra setup is an added bonus.

    • I had a little bit of trouble with my PS3 controller. It was all sorted once I realised there was a little reset button on the back near the left bumber that you can push with a paperclip. It’s working brilliantly now.

    • I have the TV, I don’t have the PC right now. Still aint gotten around to fixing it. On the plus side, the Pile of Shame for my PS4 is considerably smaller now.

  • Was using a Steam Link for a while until I got a decent gaming laptop.

    I used it over gigabit LAN and 802.11ac with the host wired in both instances. My home network was pretty robust, and it actually worked very well. I wouldn’t consider it for MP games (there is a perceptible lag in the controls – it’s slight, but it’s there), but generally speaking it worked great for SP games. Most people don’t get it running well over wireless but it actually played fine for me.

    The biggest issue with it is that if something goes wrong on the host (which is usually Steam crashing) you’ll have to either use a remote desktop app or walk back to the host. The visual fidelity isn’t 1:1 with the original (even at the highest streaming quality settings), you can notice a few compression artefacts if you watch closely or during fast motion. But at this price, it works pretty damn well, provided you’ve got a decent enough network. You can also break out of Steam by minimising it and stream anything from your desktop – it’s basically just a dumb terminal piping input to your host and display/audio to the TV.

    I’d probably only recommend using it wired, with wireless as an absolute last resort (and even then I’d try to have the host wired). You also need a decent PC to allow for the streaming overhead. People have had success using Ethernet over Powerlines but YMMV. It’s probably the best streaming box thing around for games.

  • Son of a… I just bought one for $40 off eBay because I missed the sale. 2 days ago.

    It’s pretty good. I think the link itself adds around 5ms latency, then my projector adds a further 15ms, so you can feel it. But it’s great for sharing slower-paced games with my wife and kids.

    Plus, in a pinch, I can use it to stream my desktop and provide a higher res stream than the terrible ABC/TenPlay apps on the Xbox One.

  • Bought one last time they were on sale. Run it on a gigabit LAN and paired it to one of my PS3 controllers, runs great. It does cause some issues with my Yamaha amp which I occasionally have to power off and on again for it to work. Other than that, highly recommend.

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