You Will Never Be This Good At Overwatch

GIF: Twitch (ozeffingninja)

Sometimes you just have to admit that some people will always be far, far better than you.

Case in point: ozeffingninja, an Overwatch player and streamer from Australia. He predominately plays Widowmaker at GM level, so hitting falling sniper shots like the one above aren't that unusual.

But what's so special about the clip below is not the shot, but the read ozeffingninja makes. He spotted that the enemy Genji had died, knew when they would spawn, and knew precisely where on the map they would be - leaving them vulnerable to a cheeky play.

Incredible on-the-fly read. Shots like those aren't easy, either.


    True, because I'm playing on console :-P

    (and for other reasons too)

    Anyone can train themselves to his level of attention/awareness. To a level where you pay attention to the kill feed, knowing spawn cooldown, walking speed or ability speeds of the individual heros. It's nailing the shot as Widow that most would struggle with.

    I've been playing long enough now that I can pick when the enemy team has their ults, who to play to counter their comp and occasionally can pick where they'll be to get a good Dva Bomb off. It all comes with time.

      Sure, and you "can" win the lottery.

      But you won't :P

        Play for 10 hours a day for a year and I'm sure you could read the spawns and player movements pretty well too. Nuthugging at it's finest.

          I've clocked over 500 hours of Splatoon 2 in the two months it's been out, and put another 500 into the first game over the rest of the year. I'm still garbage at all of that stuff.

    I may not be that good, buuuuut I have a beautiful wife and family that counts for something right?

    I'm not a great widow by any means but this guy looks amateur. Even I can pull of air shots like that. The disappointing thing is when he's on the ground he misses every shot which if you are doing as widow you are being a liability. Widow needs to confirm kills or put heaps of pressure on the other team to force them to play cover and make mistakes that they wouldn't in a normal comp.

      "Widow needs to confirm kills or put heaps of pressure on the other team to force them to play cover and make mistakes that they wouldn't in a normal comp."

      He legit got 2 confirmed picks (Support and DPS), and pulled a symmetra off of the choke... If that ain't pressure , I don't know what is.

      Just sucks the team wasn't able to capitalize because 3 members of his own team got picked as he killed the Zen.

        If you want to see how a good widow play watch Kephrii or Taimou. Makes this guy look like a bronze.

        He gets 2 confirmed kills but because he is trying to flank as widow it puts him out of position to actually make much more of a difference in the team fight.

        The play is bad and I don't know how muppets like him get into Master.

    Ya kinda why I stopped playing

    When you're as bad as I am at Overwatch, EVERYBODY is this good/better by comparison T_T

    You don't know me, you don't know my life!!
    I might be the best darn Undercoat player you've ever seen!!

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