Ys VIII Gets Delayed With No Release Date

If you were looking forward to the English PC release of Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA later this week, bad news. It's not coming out, and we're not sure when it will be coming out either.

In a Steam post only days before the game was due to be released, NIS America announced that Ys VIII's PC release would be "pushed back due to continued efforts in improving gameplay quality".

"A new release date will be announced as soon as it is available," NIS America added, adding a link to Steam support where users could chase up refunds if they so chose.

It's usually never a good sign when a game gets delayed so close to launch with no ETA on release, but it'll be worth it if the final product shakes up OK. Of course, there's always the chance that Denuvo could get added in the final stages, but fans will let the internet know pretty quickly if that happens.


    The ps4 version hasnt been pushed back yet. They have just released a demo for it. Must be a pc thing

    They're not adding DRM - it's also on GoG. People are only speculating that because it happened to Sonic Mania. The delay is already bad enough without adding fuel fueling the dumpster fire with rumors about denuvo.

    They're delaying it because the PC port was apparently an utter shitshow. Which really sucks because the reason that Falcom stabbed XSEED in the back after all the hard work they've done growing the Ys brand in the west was that NISA were able to do PC ports in-house. But NISA have utterly screwed the pooch on this release. First they promised the extra stuff added for the PS4 and PC releases (the PS4 release came out about a year after the Vita one in Japan) would be packported to Vita, and had to walk that back. Then it turned out they ripped out dual audio options from the Vita version as well. Now they put up the PC release on Steam on the 9th for a 12th release, pre-load and everything, only to yank it from release less than 24 hours beforehand with an indefinite delay...

    Meanwhile in the time since they missed out on the license, XSEED have located a quality PC porting house and done absolutely exemplary ports of Ys Seven and Trails of Cold Steel from the Vita/PS3, adding a bunch of new features and improving the performance massively, to the point that the PC versions are the definitive releases of those games.

    Ys VIII felt like it was poised to potentially be the first game in the series to really make inroads in the west. Ys is already the more popular Falcom franchise overseas, and the fact this was getting PC and Console release at the same time was a big thing. This is a really huge cock-up by NISA.

    Does give people a chance to buy Ys Seven instead though.

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      I was being a bit cheeky with the Denuvo thing, but thanks for the explainer. Seems a lot of people are real pissed at NISA over this, and rightly so.

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