A First Look At Jurassic World Evolution

Image: Youtube

Planet Coaster is great, but building your own virtual dinosaur theme park is even better. So if you're keen to see how Jurassic World Evolution is coming along, here's the first in-game footage.

Frontier Developments (Elite: Dangerous, Planet Coaster) showed off the in-game footage at their annual Frontier Expo. The game will have five islands, with players tasked with balancing the science, security and entertainment aspects of the park.

None of the management side was shown off during Frontier Expo, but there was lots of one thing: dinosaurs. It all looks pretty sweet, although unfortunately there wasn't any footage of old mate T-Rex enjoying some tourist salad.

Jurassic World: Evolution hits PC and consoles next year. I can imagine plenty of people will be keen, particularly if you like treating park attendees the way Amanda does.

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    Amimations look a little stiff and jerky in the video, but there's plenty of time for a few more layers of polish before it comes out.

    Looking at the textures, the draw distances, the waving trees, the amount of grass, the dynamic weather, I can only imagine my graphics card whispering in my ear "laaag, upgrade meeee"


    I know this is a 'Jurassic Park' game, but - just once - I'd like a game/movie to feature scientifically-accurate dinosaurs.

      So... they won't feature dinosaurs at all, because the current climatic oxygen level is way too low to allow them to exist?

        Actually, oxygen concentrations in the Cretaceous weren't too dissimilar to contemporary Earth.

      Zoo Tycoon 2: Extinct Animals had more appropriately sized velociraptors with feathers

      Hey Corvus! If you're interested in a game with Scientifically accurate dinosaurs, checkout "Prehistoric Kingdom" :D

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