A Fix For The Camera In Total War Warhammer 2

A Fix For The Camera In Total War Warhammer 2

Image: Total War Warhammer 2

It’s become the running joke of the Total War franchise. The developers release a new game, people whinge about the inordinately restrictive camera, and then someone releases a mod to fix it. And without fail, history has repeated itself with Total War Warhammer 2.

The mod, simply titled “Better Camera Mod”, is available through the Steam Workshop. It’s pretty straightforward, so straightforward that it makes you wonder why Creative Assembly doesn’t just add this to the game as an option in the first place.

It basically allows the player to zoom the camera out further, giving you a better view of the battlefield without jumping into the tactical map view. You can also zoom in much closer if you’d like, and there’s a shortcut to disable the UI for pretty screenshots.

To illustrate, here’s an example of some cinematic snaps without the UI:

You can subscribe to the mod (that’s how you download things through Steam Workshop, remember) here. And if you’re struggling with more than the camera in-game, there’s a handy tips guide below.

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