A Full Teardown Of The Xbox One X

Image: Youtube (Linus Tech Tips)

Want to see every nook and cranny under the hood of the Xbox One X?

Linus Tech Tips paid a visit to Microsoft's Redmond campus and was given the opportunity to tear down the Xbox One X, piece by piece, and put it back together. Not with all the screws, mind you, but you at least get to see everything taken apart and how it's supposed to be put back together.

The small bits of technology are actually pretty impressive, like the suspended elastic housing for the HDD and the fine printing for the honeycomb mesh on the front.

The fact that a 120mm radial fan takes care of the entire console's airflow is neat. Repairers will probably appreciate that the console is pretty simple to take apart and put together again, which will be immensely helpful if there's any hardware issues at launch.


    Not a very good teardown - a proper teardown would show things like the hdd model etc

    so the price of the XBONEOX is about $140 ?

    about the same as the price of the hardware I just saw in the video! such quality it was

    joking aside, im sure it will do fine.

    I’ll wait for the ifixit teardown thanks.

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