A Shocking Return In The First Pages Of DC's Doomsday Clock Will Blow Your Mind

DC chief creative officer Geoff Johns and author Lev Grossman sat down this afternoon at New York Comic Con to discuss Doomsday Clock, the upcoming limited series crossover that will see Alan Moore's Watchmen clash with the DC Universe.

Image: DC Comics

We've known a while now that Doomsday Clock would centre a clash of gods — D. Manhattan and Superman — for some time now, but as he walked the audience through the first six pages of the book, he explained that the story will also largely focus on the aftermath of Watchmen. The world is still reeling from the loss of three million lives as a result of Ozymandias' chilling secret plan and the public is more convinced than ever the the end times are upon them.

Ozymandias is still at large as the world's police authorities desperately hunt for him in hopes of bringing him to justice for his crimes. Meanwhile, Dr Manhattan is nowhere to be seen. Russia has launched an invasion of Poland and the US has announced plans for retaliation. The American government has also mandated that multiple major city centres have to be evacuated in anticipation of a Russian response. As a newscast of the mandatory evacuations plays in the background of a gaol cell, prisoners beg guards to set them free. As the guards themselves rush to flee the building, an inmate manages to grab a CO and threaten to kill him unless he's set free.

The guard's suddenly knocked out by someone the inmate is shocked and horrified to see. Someone who shouldn't be there.

You can read the first six pages of Doomsday Clock here right now.


    Once again DC shits upon the great legacy of Moore's work.

    My mind is far from blown, because this is exactly what I expected. Wouldn't be much of an idiotic cash-in, without the most popular character after all.

    Sounds like they've managed even less of a grasp on the basic narrative than Snyder did.

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