And Here's Someone Playing Forza 7 Through A Lamborghini

Why buy a separate racing wheel when you can use the supercar in your garage?

YouTuber POG, as spotted by Techspot, happens to own a Lamborghini Aventador, which on the low end will set you back around $800,000 in Australia. An Xbox One, on the other hand, will set you back around a few hundred dollars depending on what bundle you pay.

But hey, why not bring the two together? That's what POG did: he drove to the store, bought a copy of Forza 7, took it back to his garage and hooked the box up to a projector and the supercar.

And then eventually drove into a wall.

Ah, money. I just wish I had enough money to speed up the rollout of NBN to my apartment.


    Why use the in-car view when you're in a car already? :P
    The double steering wheel is quite off putting.

      Though looking more closely they need the in game dashboard as you can tell by the revs.

        Thankfully, you can still have your HUD/dials without the in-car view.

          Did not know. In that case it makes no sense!

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