Another 1000 Mini SNES Units Are Available Today

Another 1000 Mini SNES Units Are Available Today

If you didn’t get a chance to grab the Mini SNES yet, Catch of the Day will be selling another 1000 units today.

The site will be selling their Mini SNES stock in two tranches: 500 units from 1100 AEDT (0900 AWST, 1000 AQST, 1030 ACST) and another 500 units from 1800 AEST (1600 AWST, 1700 AQST, 1730 ACST).

Much like last time, the sale is restricted to Catch of the Day’s subscription Catch Club service. The first month is free, but you’ll have to input your credit card details to kick off the free trial. (You can cancel at any time, but make sure you remember to cancel before the 30 day period to ensure you don’t get billed.)

The consoles will only be available for 24 hours, if stock doesn’t run out sooner. If you don’t have a spare USB charger capable of powering a Mini SNES, here’s Catch of the Day’s listing for the official Nintendo adapter.

As for what you’ll get out of the Mini SNES when you power it on, Jackson and I spent some time with it last week. Check it out for yourself below.

Let's Check Out The Mini SNES

Thanks to the glory that is Australia Post, we finally have a Mini SNES.

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  • No joke, at my local JB HiFi, they have had three on the shelf for sale since release.

    I’m pretty certain the reason the mini SNES classic went so well and smoothly is demand is nothing compared to the mini NES due to people remembering the sick game Nintendo played and have all decided to just build a Retro Pi.

    • I went to JB on release day and they had none by the time I got there around 10am.

      I did manage to get one online though from EB on release day. Was looking for two though, one for my sister’s family for Xmas. Since managed to order a second at EB.

  • I saw a pile of about 15-20 at a Target store last weekend. I think Nintendo have done a great job of meeting demand this time around.

    Admittedly, I did buy two hoping to cash in this time, so that backfired.

    Guess I’ll give someone a sweet Xmas gift instead.

    • It’s a muuuch better console than the mini nes, the games have held up fabulously.

      Even my wife, who has rebuffed most recent attempts to game together, spent the best part of saturday afternoon trying to brute-force her way through DKC. Mine cart madness indeed.

      Most laypeople would appreciate the snes catalogue, far more than the nes.

      • I find that I can’t play Mario Kart on it, though. Giant TV’s these days (compared to the early 90s) combined with wired controllers forcing me to sit much closer to the TV than I’d like leads to motion sickness very quickly 🙁

        Loving a bit of Super Mario World and Yoshi’s Island and Super Punch Out, though.

  • I’m just happy there’s enough supply to at least make it more difficult for the parasite scalpers to sell the X amount of additional consoles they bought.

  • Bought one on launch day some three hours after shops opened without any hassle (Big W) kudos to the big N for sticking it to the scalpers this time

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