IGN Acquires Humble Bundle

IGN Acquires Humble Bundle

Briefly: As reported by Gamasutra IGN has acquired indie-game deal site Humble Bundle. The terms of the deal have not been disclosed but the site will continue operating independently, ensuring everyone has at least one cheap copy of RPG Maker that they never use.

Humble Bundle has been acquired by media giant IGN [Gamasutra]


  • It’ll be interesting to see if the charity focus of the humble bundle changes as a result of this…

    • My question is if it changes, how will it change. At the moment I can donate to an obscure charity, but will they limit it to only certain charities down the track?

    • Jims just done an interesting video on this actually…

      Basic gist is that humble also does publishing for indies these days… and ign reviews games and ign has just technically aquired a publisher with a library of produced indie titles…

      You can see the can of worms this can open

  • Can someone explain how IGN is still running? I was sure they’d be on the chopping block after that Gawker fiasco …

    • So it wasn’t IGN you were thinking of, however the sentiment remains. There is nothing on IGN that I don’t find out earlier or isn’t covered better on other sites that actually know what they’re doing. Their game reviews are terrible and inconsistent especially, like they draw names from a hat to decide who’ll slog through them to make a quota instead of enjoying their job.

    • Yeah, I cannot possibly imagine an scenario where this turns well. It’s not even about IGN, of which I have neither a positive or negative opinion. It’s just that once its profits become simply another number in a corporate tally, bean counters will get to work to make it as profitable as any other venture owned by the corporation, which unerringly means diminishing value for the consumer.

      I can already hear in my mind some clueless middle-manager going “They give THAT much to charities?” while internally drooling over the bonuses he’ll get at the end of the year from greatly increasing profitability simply by changing a few percentiles here and there.

      • Yes, I can imagine humble bundles will now have a “Processing fee” from now on which will go straight to IGN.

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