Australia's Internet Still Sucks

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On the bright side, at least the country isn't technically going backwards.

Every quarter, global content distributors Akamai put out a report showcasing the state of the internet in each country and continent. We've checked in with it before, much in the same way you open your bills or check your bank balance, bracing for disappointment.

And the latest report, well, doesn't fail to disappoint. Enter stage right, this handy infographic from Bloomberg.

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Fuck me.

The one silver lining amongst all of this is that Australia's internet is getting better. It's just not improving as fast as most of the other major countries in the Asia-Pacific.

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Oh look, Sri Lanka has a greater adoption of broadband over 4mbps than Australia does. Isn't that nice.

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And for adoption rates of internet that's 15mbps or faster, New Zealand well past Australia. The good news here is that year on year, Australia's getting better. Not as fast as New Zealand, but we're getting there.

Here's the average connection and average peak connection speeds for APAC. Australia comes in at, well, 50th and 64th respectively:

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Isn't Aussie internet just the best?


    Its pretty rough, out of all my friends who live on the east coasts my net is a unicorn sitting at 86mb down and 27 up.

    and we are still rolling out copper and nbn co say its fine its fine excuse me while I go bang my head up against my desk fibre to the node suxs

    My adsl speeds tank once a year due to copper disruption, and it usually takes a couple of months to have it fixed.

    It's currently peaking at 4500/350kbps, where the upload speed is so low that it can't run splatoon.

    My house in inner brisbane is due to be upgraded to hfc nbn in june 2019.

    I can't even.

      if you're getting hfc nbn, (typically) you will already have HFC available.
      Check out Optus, Telstra and TPG to see if they can offer it.

        That's not always the case, sometimes they will expand upon the existing cabling down one street to offer it too adjacent streets because of their locality but with that being it can't hurt to check.

          You're right, but generally speaking my comment is the case [I'm an employee].

    I download at 1.1 mbps on Steam, sometimes 1.2 if my internet feels like getting in the fast lane and I consider that good compared to what I've previously had.


      Do you mean Mbps or MBps? Mbps is crazy slow and MBps is still slow but manageable for some.

    Lets keep in mind that Elon Musk plans to have a Mars colony going by 2024. So soon our internet will be slower than that too

    I can't wait for the pointless 'fast internet survey' they will hand out to ask the population of Australia if we would like fast internet.

      Didn't the NBN boss already come out and say we wouldn't use it even if it was free?

      Dont be silly... the government made that decision years ago and said you dont need to do anything but send emails and that buffering on a 720p video is acceptable. After all families only have one computer per household.

        Back when Turnbull practically invented the internet in this country.

    I feel this everytime a game has a big patch on Steam.

    I got 100/40 installed at my place earlier this year and it's legit too, sitting around 97/39. Good times.

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