Bajo Is Dressing As An Orc For Us (We Didn't Ask Him To)

Image: Steven O'Donnell

Earlier this week, we asked what you like in your livestreams. Quite a few of you said you're fans of old mate Bajo from Good Game. Well we have some news for you — he's coming into the office. Dressed like an orc.

Next Wednesday (October 11), we'll be playing Middle-earth: Shadow of War on Twitch and Facebook.

We'll be joined by Bajo and yeah, he's going to be dressed like an Orc. We didn't ask for this. It just happened. Did he make the cosplay himself? How long did it take to put it together? We don't know but we'll have a chat about that during the stream next week.

It all kicks off 1900 AEST (1700 AWST, 1830 ACST) October 11 on our Facebook page. From 2000 to 2200 AEST (1800-2000 AWST, 1930-2130 ACST) we'll be ramping things up through our brand new Twitch channel.

So if you just want to hang out with Bajo, ask him questions, call him Bruce, and see what Shadow of War is like in the process, tune in! It'll be fun.


    I think the words y’all are looking for is: “Thank you.”

    Warning! Don't even think about joining Good Game Spawn Point's Bajo next week who dresses like an Orc. We did not ask him for this Middle-Earth: Shadow of War invite and his name is not Bruce like Bruce Almighty or Bruce the Shark from Disney Pixar's Finding Nemo.
    OK? His name is not Bruce.

      Nah mate, he's called "Bruz All-righty". I was gonna call you whatever the Mordor equivalent of a flamin' galah is, but I think it would be better if I politely point out your (extremely common n easy to make) error. It's all in the pronounciation - it's like "bruise" and the "righty" (not mighty) is more "roit-ey". Or you could try saying his name in Black Speech (orcish) if that's easier. I dunno the spelling, but it's spoken aloud as "Bajo Pants". Got it? Ya good now? Noice, mate. Noooiiiccce! ;)

    How many chests do I have to open to make him legendary?

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