Beyoncé Turned Down A Part In Beauty And The Beast Because It Was Beneath Her

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Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is known for many fabulous talents, but acting isn't exactly one of them. Nevertheless, that didn't stop director Bill Condon from trying to cast the cultural icon in his live-action Beauty and the Beast film. Spoiler: Beyoncé said no.

Condon, of course, had previously directed Beyoncé in 2006's Dreamgirls — and at some point in Beauty and the Beast's production, sought her out to play Plumette, the flying feather duster who's partially featured in one of the film's major set pieces.

But as he recounted to Yahoo! Entertainment, when Condon approached Beyoncé's people, he was eventually turned down because Plumette wasn't "a big enough part."

There are a few moments in the film where we see Plumette dancing with her husband Lumiere the candlestick, but Beyoncé's assessment of the part was an accurate one, all things said and done. (Gugu Mbatha-Raw ended up with the role in the end.)

All of this makes the rumours that Beyoncé's in talks to voice Nala in Disney's upcoming Lion King reboot that much more interesting. Why be a mere feather duster when you can be Queen of Pride Rock instead?

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    he was eventually turned down because Plumette wasn't "a big enough part."

    And yet Patrick Stewart who is of an older vintage and a bigger actor than Beyonce was more than happy to voice Poop in the Emoji Movie.

    Maybe Beyonce shouldn't be so picky. Work is work.

      Given how much money she still earns from her albums and all that, I think she has every right to turn down a background role in a movie and say it's beneath her.

      Also perhaps bringing up that an aging actor had to take a literal shit role in an even shittier movie isn't doing the best to prove any point you're trying to make.

        God forbid that a man who has been a major part of the Royal Shakespeare Company since 1966 and has never wanted for work since he started acting lets what little is left of his hair down and take the piss out of himself with some comedy work.

    Who is Beyonce?

      It's a type of ritual for communicating with spirits and the dead.

        Nah bro, that's a seance. Beyonce is someone before they get married.

          Nah mate, that's fiance. Beyonce is the measurement of the concentration or potency of a substance by its effect on living cells or tissues.

    Considering the pinnacle of her now non existent acting career was goldmember I don't count this as a big loss for the movie. People act like the sun shines out her arse. Yes she can sing. That's all she can do. And even her recent work hasn't been anything amazing.

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