Blade Runner Interview Even Cracks Up Harrison Ford

If you're going to do a canned interview for a film, you might as well laugh about it. A lot.

Harrison Ford has a habit of being a surly, grumpy bloke when it comes to interviews. He's not the only actor with that kind of reputation. Not everyone's a natural when it comes to hype and promotion, and Ford certainly never bought into it.

But in an interview with ITV's Alison Hammond, things went off the rails. Immediately, and in the best way possible.

Canned interviews are part of life in the entertainment business, and gaming too. God knows I've been in that situation plenty of times. And the best way out of that situation, as Hammond showed, is to just have fun with it.


    Damn, that was pretty enjoyable. Definitely need more interviewers to just have done with it.

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