Community Review: Star Fox 2

Community Review: Star Fox 2

So now that people have had their hands on a Mini SNES for a little while, it’s logical to ask: how has the long lost sequel to Star Fox 2 fared?

Technically, Star Fox 2 was finished around 20 years ago. The Mini SNES is the first time the game has been sold, however. Had it been released in sequential order, it would have been a masterpiece, moving away from the on-rails levels of the original Star Fox for a more open, freeform space shooter.

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But everyone has had the chance to play Star Fox 64, which took most of the improvements and changes that Star Fox 2 implemented. Or would have implemented. It’s weird seeing it in action, especially if you’ve played Star Fox Command, which further developed the strategic elements. And then there’s Star Fox Assault as well, although I never owned a GameCube as a kid.

Mind you, flying around in Star Fox 2 is miles better than controlling a ship with a DS stylus.

It’s a shame that Star Fox 2 was never released at the time, although I can understand Nintendo’s logic. They thought the game looked out of touch, outdated, played poorly.

I’m not so sure the reception would have been that bad – it was a SNES game, and the SNES could only do so much. At least we get to see a piece of history now, though.

How have you found Star Fox 2?


  • As a massive original Starfox fan (may have got teary playing it again on the mini), I found the layout of Starfox 2 kinda confusing from the get go with that space system map…having said that, I skipped the tutorial so I have no grounds to complain about it.

    Once I got into the game, I enjoyed it. Was probably not as easy to pick up and play like the original but it has some nice moments. I think with these games we have to keep reminding ourselves they are 20+ years old and built for the SNES.

    Now….back to Donky Kong Country. So. damn. addictive.

  • although I never owned a GameCube as a kid.

    I dunno if you’re the right age or level of gamer to make a call on this title, dude. You just won’t have the context.
    Kinda like how I’m the wrong age to do a retrospective review on disco as if I was there while it all went down.

    If you were around for SNES days, you’d be a young adult by the time the GameCube came about. And you’d have owned one. And would know that it was awesome. And that Star Fox Assault is better than Zero.

    • Alex is a PC dude though 😛

      Also I dunno about that last call. Assault’s far better than it was given credit for at the time, but Zero is much better I reckon.

      • I’d much rather wrestle with the Landmaster and on foot sections than deal with zero’s controls again. The flying sections were awesome and the story was great.

        As for Zero: I’m certain there’s a great game in there, just waiting to be controlled via analogue sticks.

        • Did you try switching the camera at all? My theory is that that’s the “true” way to play the game but they were too scared of alienating fans who were expecting that traditional third-person view, so they flipped it around the other way as default. Fantastic game, always bet on Platinum.

  • I loved the controls in command, but as with metroid hunters and kid icarus uprising a thumb stylus was the only way to go.

    The graphics in SF2 are clearly another step beyond the original, and the 3d cinematics would have been mind blowing back then.

    Also weird to see how much real time strategy was in 2, it skipped several games.

    It’s a surprisingly big game, with lots of new ideas, and it would have done very well at the time as games were still very linear for the most part.

    But 64 was the right game. Easily readable 3d graphics running at an acceptable framerate. Multiplayer. Even the more accessible campaign structure was going to be more popular.

    Everyone really should grab a thumb stylus and give command anpther go though. It’s easily my favourite star fox.

    • I love Command. I love the scope of the story and the fact it neatly ended up the saga that took us from 64, Adventure, Command and then Assault. The fact Zero kinda had to be a reboot after the multiple endings of command would be missed completely if you don’t play it.

      • I tried tracking one down recently to put on my ds lite, one of the official ones. They’re pretty tough to get a hold of.

        The stylus i settled on for hunters looks a bit like a stiletto heel for your finger. It gives you a little more reach than the thumbstrap, which makes turns a bit snappier.

        • I had a friend who scooped up a handful of them from NAL when they were clearing out stuff or something. Mad jealous.

          Can’t believe they stopped including them after the phat, it really was the pinnacle right there. Even moved it onto my 3DS for a while, when I was going through Kid Icarus.

  • I found the juggling of the solar map and the traditional gameplay to be surprisingly fluid, and I’ve never played Command! The spaceflight and walker levels are fast and furious experiences, and I was floored by the graphics having putting myself in the mid nineties mindset. I haven’t died so far in my hour or so of Easy play, so I’m not sure about the switching to the wingman system. 64 is undoubtedly superior, but I love the pace of Starfox 2 and the blending of action and strategy (and I’m not usually a fan of strategy games).

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