Community Review: The Evil Within 2

It's been a while since Detective Castellanos had to wander into the buggered up world of The Evil Within, but at least this time he didn't so with huge black bars.

The weird, wannabe cinematic aspect ratio was my main bugbear with the original Evil Within, and it's great to see that it hasn't made a return for the sequel. To be fair, the devs did patch it out eventually, but it was always one of those things that was more frustrating than spooky.

Content aside, The Evil Within 2 is supposedly a lot larger. I saw a bit of footage last week, and there's an open world area you can explore. The original was a pretty linear experience - which works for this kind of game, I feel - although it'll be interesting to see if the AI is smart enough to use the extra space it's been given.

The story is around 15 to 20 hours long, depending on difficulty, although these kinds of games tend to be pretty limited when it comes to replayability. That aside, the buzz has been "better than the original". Which is what you'd expect from a sequel, really.

For those who picked it up: how have you found The Evil Within 2 so far?


    "That aside, the buzz has been "better than the original". Which is what you'd expect from a sequel, really."

    I see you are unfamiliar with the Bungie design ethos.....

      I'm confused by this comment. Halo 2 & 3 made substantial improvements on their prior entries. Destiny was a bit disappointing but all reports indicate the sequel surpasses the first entry.

        Initial reports on Destiny 2 perhaps, the story was improved yes, but if you look deeper into the current state of the game Bungie is already having to go back and reassess the changes they have made.

        Put very simply Destiny 2 was built on the foundation of Destiny 1 Year 1, the significant improvements made in the 2nd and 3rd years of D1 are missing from D2.

        It was more meant as a throwaway comment due to my disappointment in the game but if you're really interested have a look into the Destiny Subreddit, however, the quality of post obviously varies.

    8 hours in and absolutely adoring it.
    Have not been this into a horror game (or many games for that matter) since RE4.

    Evil Within 1 was a game I truly wanted to love, but the actual game was so painful to play I never ended up finishing it, despite loving the setting and story.
    Number 2 answers all of my concerns and more - movement and aiming feel fantastic, gunplay is satisfying, stealth actually feels like stealth.

    They even added a weapon upgrade system much like in RE4, which is so much better than having your weapon damage modified by the green gel upgrades.

    The 'open world' parts are quite open, but they are never too large and so full of things to do that you feel overwhelmed or lost. Pretty much perfect size for exploring thoroughly without getting bored of an area.

      I'm in the same situation with EW1. Stopped playing at the boss that you had to hide under cars from. Looking forward to eventually giving this series a second go with the sequel.

    I loved the delightfully weird original, but I still haven't finished the most recent Resident Evil so won't play part 2 for a while.

      Resident evil 7 I finished in one sitting haha. But I didn't go back.
      The original Evil Within I played countless times, it's one of the most underrated games around if you like third person action/horror/weirdness

    "The story is around 15 to 20 hours long, depending on difficulty, although these kinds of games tend to be pretty limited when it comes to replayability."

    Evil Within 1 had a really satisfying replay.

    After spending the game being chased by things through hallways, carefully holding onto your ammo, trying not to waste a bullet, you finish the game and start again in New Game + with all your upgrades, plus, at least a machine gun and ...a rocket launcher! Possibly even more weapons if you collected everything.

    It was so satisfying just blasting away enemies, or fighting in encounters you previously thought were impossible and just exploding away the these mad horrors that gave you such trouble when you only had a revolver.

    The first one also unlocked Akumu difficulty- the super hard mode where everything killed you in one hit.

    I've played up to I think Chapter 4 on Evil Within 2. It's good! The open world sections are not as scary as the first game, but play up to how I played the original game - ducking back and forth into the safehouse to save and upgrading health when it got low because that would heal you. The first game had gauntlets disguised as corridors leading into an arena which may or may not be another gauntlet. This one has less of those gauntlets, at least early game, but I heard the open world bit is not a major part later anyway. There are mini gauntlets whenever you enter one of those tiny houses though, and these are tense. Field of view is very, very narrow.

    The open world bit, though not as scary, has its own strengths. It's kinda fun Evil Gear Solid-ing the place. You see a truck rocking on its suspension, filled with zombie screams and grunts, open it up and five zombies jump out. I get some kicks figuring out how to take them out. Make a trap with your arc crossbow bolt, open it up, then launch an explosive crossbow when they're zapped. Or get them to chase you, shoot a fire hydrant, then electrify the pool they're standing in. You see a zombie with a molotov, so you smash a bottle, get them all investigating the same area, then kablooey, flaming zombies.

    Good fun. I expect it'll get much scarier though.

    I'm surprised The Evil Within even got a sequel. It was one of those games perennially in the bargain bin alongside year-old FIFAs.

      Not really a judge of quality. I think it's more to do with the fact it was released within the launch year of the PS4. in 2014. Shadow of Mordor I think I picked up for $10 or $20 with all its DLC.

      The game sold reasonably well at release, and inspired a cult following that resulted in the developer creating three pieces of unplanned DLC. I bought it on a whim and it became one of my favourite ever survival horror games. It's Resident Evil done right as far as I'm concerned (not surprising, as it's created by Shinji Mikami, creator of Resident Evil). Also notes of SIlent Hill. Very, very cool.

        Didn't mean to make insinuations about its quality - it's just that the bargain bin thing usually implies it was less popular than expected. That's the kind of game that often doesn't get a second chance.

          Heh. All good. I tried not to sound defensive. I don't remember it making much of a splash at launch either, to be honest. But Wikipedia said it sold pretty good.

    It's fantastic. Everything I wanted.
    Expands on the original in terms of scope and gameplay, and is a whole lot of fun.
    I'm about 5 hours into it.

    I'm not a horror gamer. Quite the opposite actually. I loved the originals story, though I had to find cheats because I found the whole thing too hard (I'm not very good).

    I'd really like more games to add a story mode like Horizon: Zero Dawn did that allows people like me to enjoy the game without getting stuck on the combat difficulty. I found the original had a lot of combat that was really unnecessary and felt like the filler we see in so many games these days, but the sequel feels much better paced with combat feeling less fillery (this is now a word).

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