Community Torn After Destiny 2’s First Prestige Raid Is Cleared Using Glitches

Community Torn After Destiny 2’s First Prestige Raid Is Cleared Using Glitches

Yesterday, Clan Redeem was the first team to finish the harder, “prestige” version of Destiny 2‘s Leviathan raid. But because they used a well-known glitch, some players are calling for their disqualification.

Any time Destiny gets a new raid, elite clans race to see who can finish as “world’s first.” Destiny 2‘s raid was released back in September, but the new “prestige” difficulty allows for a new race to be first.

The prestige raid an exploit that allows teams to stop enemies from spawning in the final boss fight.

Bungie hasn’t yet patched that exploit, but said that as they work on a fix, they have implemented a method to track its use so as to disqualify anyone using it to finish the prestige raid first.

Yesterday, clan Redeem claimed a world’s first finish, winning by a margin of only four minutes. Before they had time for so much as a victory lap, other players began pointing out that Redeem finished by using a different glitch in their winning run.

The glitch in question is called “coil glitching.” It’s a cheese attached to the Wardcliff Coil rocket launcher that lets players instantly fill up their power ammo.

It’s nowhere near as big a deal as the boss cheese Bungie was keeping track of, but in Destiny 2, your power weapon typically has limited ammo reserves, so something like this can definitely still prove advantageous.

If you want to see how to do it, watch this video closely at about 11 seconds in. Sweatcicle, a member of Redeem, performs the glitch flawlessly while saying “I’m coil glitching.”

Or check out this video from another one of the team members, Gladd, at around 55:09, where several of his teammates say that they are “coiling.” Here’s YouTuber Kota demonstrating the technique back in September.

Responses to Bungie’s tweet congratulating Redeem on their first place finish are peppered with people pointing out Redeem’s blatant use of the coil glitch, with a few people calling it “cheating”.

Not long after Bungie congratulated Redeem, a video of the team coil glitching was posted on Reddit, with the poster saying, “Any exploit should be considered cheating. Not saying anyone should be banned over something like this, but it should invalidate world’s first (especially considering how ammo limits are an issue in the raid).”

Not everyone agrees with that stance, but a vocal camp of people have called for Redeem’s disqualification. In response to that post on Reddit, a representative from Bungie posted, “We have seen the reports that an ammo exploit was used today in the Prestige Raid.”

“This was not the specific exploit we were checking for and we don’t currently have the ability to detect it. Tomorrow we will release the top 3 finishers in the TWAB. You can make your own decision as to who should be celebrated.”

While some are calling for Redeem to be disqualified, members of Redeem don’t seem all that bothered. Sweatcicle even retweeted a video making light of his blatant use of the glitch.

Esoterickk, a member of the clan that finished in sixth place, has also publicly come out to say that Redeem should be credited with first place. In response to a comment on Reddit saying that because Esoterickk’s team did not appear to use glitches to complete the raid, they should be given first place, they wrote, “As part of that team, I entirely disagree that we should be considered ‘first’ in that case, nor anyone before us other than Redeem.”


  • I tried the prestige raid out and it’s horrendous. They’ve upped the bullet sponges and lowered the power ammo drops. Heavy ammo was a huge issue in D1 as well. The Wardcliff “glitch” is barely a glitch at all. Congrats to anyone getting through the prestige raid. You’ve got more patience than I do.

  • Is it an exploit? Sure. Does it provide an advantage? Most definitely. Is it well known to all the top raiding groups? Very definitely. Was it ever so much as mentioned by Bungie prior as being grounds for DQ? Nope. Is it realistically something that can be determined for every group that finished the prestige raid in order to disregard those who used it? Nope.

    Let em have it.

    • Yeah but if gamers are such losers they have to use something to gain an unfair advantage in order just to get some brief digital glory, they aren’t worth remembering.

      It’s simple matter of honour and sportsmanship. “Yay we won, we glitched but we are still totally heroes”. Pass. But given the state of the community currently, those two character traits no longer exist.

      A cheat is a cheat. “Everyone else does it and no one said we couldn’t do it” is no excuse, it still makes you a cheat.

      • A cheat is a cheat
        Not necessarily. I played Everquest for way too many years, and in the early days there were many many things that were abuses of game mechanics that you’d call an exploit – they certainly did things the developers didn’t intend. But they weren’t cheating, they were simply taking advantage of what was in front of them.

        When it happens, the developers have a few options. They can simply allow it, they can patch in a solution, or they can call it an exploit and ban anyone they catch doing it.

        In Everquest’s case, the developers actually loved a few of the loopholes people exploited, and used them to build better content as the expansions rolled on. Within short time, feign death pulling, complete heal rotations, even bards simply twisting multiple songs were all standard fare in the game, but at launch they were all exploits.

        Using what the developers put in front of you to gain an advantage isn’t necessarily a cheat.

        In this case, I think it is. Its using a programming glitch to get access to unintended content (in this case, getting free ammo), and gaining a benefit as a result.

        But I also expect that every one of the main guilds that rushed to finish the raid cheesed it in some way anyhow – that first guild was only 4 minutes ahead of the second, who wasn’t too far ahead of the third. That’s what they do. The problem is, how do you police it when you cant easily detect it?

        How far down the list before you can be sure the clan didn’t use an exploit somewhere? Until they solve that problem, I don’t think its fair to say ANY clan didn’t take a shortcut somewhere.

        • One minor point – 3rd was 36 minutes behind 2nd. 6th was the highest that didn’t rely on the glitch, though one person supposedly used it on at least one occasion to unknown effect – they finished 45 minutes behind 1st. The glitch obviously had an impact on Redeem’s performance, but not enough to increase their time by 75%.

          • Fair enough, I didn’t think the gap was that big between 2nd and 3rd. Bungie have said themselves that they cant detect it, and if 2nd through 5th glitched as well, where do you stop?

            I doubt it stopped at 5th, its a pretty commonly used glitch, so if 6th was the first to not use it, what about 7th to 20th? Do they gain prestige simply because they kept their mouth shut?

      • “Cheating” is defined as acting dishonestly or unfairly to gain an advantage – I see no dishonesty, and if it’s so widespread then everyone gains the same advantage, so it’s still fair. The rules were publicly announced and agreed on by the community and the developers – no throne room add glitch, no glitching through walls. The dubious glitch was fair game.

        It’s simple matter of honour and sportsmanship.

        Yep, honour amongst the competitors – and the major contenders in this race are all congratulating Redeem. Of the first 25 clears, 22 had at least one person using this glitch, including the top five. Eso’s team (Clan The Legend Himself) placed 6th and didn’t rely on this glitch, although one of their team supposedly did use it on at least one occasion. Seeing as they’re the most likely contender you’re willing to side with, I’ll just put this here.

        If you still disagree, then there’s no point in looking for a first place among the competitors – not everyone competing streamed their attempt, and Bungie doesn’t have any way to detect if people used this glitch, so the entire race would have to be declared null and void; insofar as a winner can be declared, it’s Redeem. They’ve practiced this raid to the point where they hold the current record for Normal Mode (24:18) – one extra damage cycle would not have made much of a difference, most definitely not the 45 minutes they had over TLH.

  • i am more over the Destiny community (out of game) than I am with any mistakes or problems or things I wish for in the game. The level of ridiculousness and entitlement on reddit these last few days have been appalling , all over a computer game.

    Game developers owe us nothing beyond delivering a game and keeping its servers open. . Game developers dont deserve to be professionally and personally threatened. Especially with all the calls for Luke and Deej to be sacked because they are the public face.

    Sure there are issues, there are in any online game for the first few months in terms of balance and end game and the like, any gamer who has ever played one of them before knows it is the same story, all that changes is the name of the game and its crimes.

    What is happening on reddit is appalling and truly a horrible mirror of the gaming industry as a whole at the moment

    • Totally agree with you with no caveats on the entitlement of players and the right for all developers to feel safe and not threatened.

      But there’s a clear problem with Destiny 2 that’s hard to simply wave away as teething problems. Not enough of this game has changed from the first game to warrant the developer playing dumb about the limitations of this endgame. This isn’t the second month of the game, this is Year 4 of Destiny.

      The lack of content and lack of understanding of their player base is pretty bizarre to me. They’ve been doing this with Destiny for years now, they know how quickly the playerbase consumes content, and they know the systems they have gravitated towards to get more hours of play out of the game. They’ve actively removed a lot of what the players liked and they’ve not delivered enough repeatable content initially to keep them interested.

      I haven’t felt this deflated with the franchise since The Dark Below DLC released and I realised there was about an hour of content in it. They’ve gotta do something, fast, to hold on to the players that kept the first game going after all the detractors and casual players moved on to something else.

  • So Bungie dropped the Prestige Raid with known bugs??? Maybe they could fix their dumpster fire of a game…

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