Counter-Strike Players Banned Mid-Match For Cheating During Qualifiers

Counter-Strike Players Banned Mid-Match For Cheating During Qualifiers

The open qualifiers for the upcoming Eleague Boston Major have been marred by a number of issues, including a sudden spree of cheating bans. Several players have received bans mid-match for supposedly using cheating software to gain an edge on fellow competitors.

In the below clip, you can see in the chat log as one player is banned for cheating, which sets off the three-man commentating team.

In another, a team loses a player to a cheating ban mid-round, his name and avatar disappearing from the server. The team, Invictus Aquilas, is contesting that ban, though other clips have surfaced of questionable sprays.

And in one case, a player tweeted that his team had to adjust their playstyle to deal with another who was allegedly using a hack that let him see through walls.

The allegedly cheating player was later banned, mid-match.

Though these qualifiers are for Eleague, a tournament organiser called CEVO is managing these matches, and they are taking much of the heat. On top of cheating issues, players are complaining about technical issues, lack of admin response, and poor seeding.

At the moment, CEVO seems to be trying to keep up, but a good deal of the damage has already been done. For one last clip, here’s two teams from earlier, arguing with each other mid-game about cheating.


  • It’s so disheartening and sad that some people are so insecure they have to cheat to gain an edge.
    A hollow victory for hollow people.

    Losing is a part of playing a game. It’s ridiculous that some people can’t grasp that. I hope the ban hammer keeps swinging and penalties get tougher.

    • Welcome to the world of competitive sport. I mean, when the winner of 7 consecutive Tour De Frances is later stripped of his titles and openly admits to doping for most of his career – it’s pretty hard to believe that most athletes out there aren’t cheating, most of them just get away with it.

      People have been cheating in competitions for as long as competitions have been around. If there’s something to gain from winning, then there’s an incentive to cheat. And when other people cheat, everyone else tends to follow suit or they get left behind.

  • This is basically a double prize.

    Not only are they banned, But it happened publicly meaning no one will ever respect them again.

    GG Valve keep up the good work 🙂

    • What good work?

      I gave up on CS:Go about 6 months ago after seeing numerous hackers go unpunished. Apparently Casual doesn’t matter at all so even when you report them, you still see them on for the next week with no bans. Even in comp I saw the same thing constantly with no action taken (I’d take down their steam names and see no VAC ban).

      Sometimes they get some high profile bans, but for the most part the game is rife with wallhackers and aimbots. No, this isnt a case of get good – Ive got more than 1000 hrs on GO and was an avid player from beta onwards. I just cant stand getting into a game with a clear cheater, people disconnecting or teams accepting it cause they will get a win. They need to do a lot more.

      • You could have 3000 hours played. Still, doesn’t mean you will be good at the game.

        But yes there are heaps of cheaters. The public cheats do get detected, but the privately built ones are the ones they need to get, as these are the primary type in comps.

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