Daggerfall Unity: Play Skyrim's Older Sibling For Free And Updated For Modern PCs

Aussie Gavin Clayton has probably lost count of the days he's spent getting Daggerfall Unity off the ground. The port of Bethesda's monstrous, procedurally-generated RPG to the Unity engine has given the game a new lease on life in a world where Skyrim will soon be playable on everything from calculators to quilts. This is particularly true for the most recent update, which allows the main quest line to be completed in full.

An update posted by Clayton last week explains the challenging journey of getting Daggerfall's quest system up and running so that finishing the game is actually possible:

The quest system has consumed around a year of my development time to bring to this point. It represents the single largest group of features in the project so far, and drives almost every other gameplay system forwards. I feel confident in saying the magic system probably won’t be anywhere near as challenging. And once we pass that milestone, everything else is on the downhill run.

Image: Daggerfall Unity

Clayton goes on to say that while it's a big step for the project, there's little time to stop for a breather:

It’s true this game still has a distance to travel (spell system is next major journey) but this is a huge milestone in the project’s life cycle. It’s no longer fair to say Daggerfall Unity “isn’t playable yet”, that’s not even close to accurate anymore.

If you want to check it out, builds are available for Windows, Mac and Linux. You'll need Daggerfall itself to play, but fortunately Bethesda made it a free download years ago.

Daggerfall Unity Now Playable Start to End [Daggerfall Unity, via RPS]


    I love the backgrounds, I've had my eye on this 4 ages. May the nine divines finally see it completed.

    Did they fix the combat, the dosbox version combat is terrible

      You can use the old mouse swing attacks or enable a click to attack option.

    Has bethesda endorsed this or something? Would have thought bethesda would be all over this with a C&D.

      None of the assets are distributed with the game, you still need a full copy of Daggerfall installed to play it (which is a free download from Bethesda). It's like a drop-in engine replacement, more or less the same kind of thing as OpenMW which Bethesda are supportive of.


      Daggerfall has been free for years and the modders aren't selling it. Bethesda has never been against modding either, no matter how people want to spin the creation club abomination.

      Not to mention there have also been mods in the works to convert Morrowind and Oblivion to the Skyrim engine for years, and you can bet Bethesda absolutely know about them.

      There's simply no history to back anyone arguing that they'd shut this down.

        I was just wondering is all. Bethesda's owners are quite sue happy. Remember they went after Notch's game because it was called "Scrolls" and they thought it infringed on their copyright for "Elder Scrolls".

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