De Blob Hits Consoles Again Next Month

Image: De Blob

THQ Nordic brought de Blob from the dead earlier this year, and they're not finished with the Melbourne-made game.

After giving the Wii game a PC release in April, de Blob will be coming to consoles on November 14.

The game was the brainchild of the defunct Melbourne studio Blue Tongue Entertainment, and was acquired by the-then Nordic Games in 2014 amidst the firesale of THQ's properties.

There's no word on cost. That said, de Blob is currently selling for $US20 on Steam and de Blob 2 (the PS3 version) is $30 on PSN, so expect something around those lines.


    Note that the original idea came from a game developed by some students in the Netherlands. THQ bought the rights to the game and then assigned the Australian studio to work on it. So "brainchild" is stretching it a bit.

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