Destiny 2 Players Discover Humorously Elaborate Raid Exploit

Destiny 2 Players Discover Humorously Elaborate Raid Exploit
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Remember when Destiny 1 players figured out that you could easily beat a raid boss by pulling your LAN cable? Remember how hilarious it was, and how hollow you felt afterward? If you want to feel that way again, you’re in luck.

Destiny 2 raid spoilers follow!

Over on the Destiny subreddit, user 07yourdesires has posted a new exploit (aka “cheese”) for the fight against Calus, the final boss of the new Leviathan raid.

By having one player carefully time a log-out after your team wipes, the game will stop spawning enemies into the main room, which makes the fight a lot easier. It’s fun to imagine how anyone could have discovered such an arcane process.

YouTuber theMoDfatheR gaming posted a video of him demonstrating the technique on Xbox One, and Willisgaming subsequently posted another walkthrough showing it working on PS4.

Several players in the reddit thread also say they have replicated it. Some players say they have actually known about it for a while, and that the same approach despawns enemies during other encounters in the raid, too.

You can watch it in action here:

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Five players run up to Calus and stand near his feet. One stays behind. He’ll stomp and kill the five at his feet at the same time.
  • The last remaining player then commits suicide by standing in one of the torches near the door, preferably timing the jump for right when Calus stomps. After the last player dies, they have to log out or go to orbit at the precise moment between when the “all players dead” skull-countdown screen is at one second and when it fades to the black post-wipe results screen.
  • There are a couple options for getting the timing right: One suggested method involves pressing “go to orbit” when the countdown clock is at 4. Another involves picking the “log out” option in your menu, then waiting to confirm until one of your teammates gives you the cue.
  • After you do that, the remaining players should spawn back into the room, but this time all the doors will be open. The player who left can then re-join.
  • Once you start the fight after enacting the cheese, there’ll be no additional enemies in the main boss room for the duration.

The enemies in the main room are a big problem for the team that comes back from the shadow realm. Their absences means you can leave four or five players in the shadow realm, since only one player really needs to go back to the main room to take out councilors and DPS the boss to bring everyone back.

Furthermore, with no enemies in the main room, everything is a lot less hectic and difficult.

The discovery of this exploit has led to an interesting discussion among Destiny 2 players. With three years of Destiny under our collective belt, many of us are more aware of how this kind of exploit can harm the overall raid experience.

Not only does it undermine the sense of accomplishment after finishing the fight, it’s likely that many more pickup groups are going to want to do the cheese instead of the proper method.

I remember playing Destiny 1‘s Crota raid with strangers after that LAN exploit had been discovered. There was this odd tension that would manifest when we got to the final fight. We’d fake like we were going to make an honest go of it, but after one or two wipes someone would just say, “OK, I don’t have time for this. Let’s cheese it.”

Granted, the Crota fight from the first game was buggier and more annoying than the Calus fight in the sequel. But the Calus fight does have some infuriating bugs (those randomly porous shadow walls!) and other frustrating aspects (hello, Psions) that can make even the most patient team consider cheesing it.

News of the exploit is already quickly spreading across the Destiny community, so it’s likely only a matter of time before Bungie patches it. In the meantime, if you and your team want to get together and earn some easy loot, this is certainly one way to do it.

But if it winds up leaving you feeling empty inside, don’t say I didn’t warn you.


  • And even with this the raid isnt worth the effort…. Fucking stupid token and checkpoint system and fucking worthless uninspired raid drops guarantee this

      • There are identical or simply better elsewhere. Where are the raid specific perks? What sets them apart from a multitude of other drops in the game besides having to jump through insipid hoops, literally, (fucking gauntlet) in order to have a chance at getting them?

        Love the downvotes too guys. Fucking fanboys. Though not you Letrico. At least you had a point of contention you wanted to express.

        • I agree the raid weapons are not anything special but the sword has all the good sword perks that you cannot find in other sword. The rocket launcher is unique too but I have yet to get one. The raid auto rifle gives the highest damage for a 600rpm auto.

          I heard the handcannon is a best too and wins other legendary hand cannon.

          The raid is not too bad now tbh. I ran it with my clan last night and only took 2 hour to finish everything while bringing some new people into the raid.

    • I didn’t touch the raids in Destiny but I can see why people are upset even though I prefer Destiny 2 already. I want to finish the raid, I like sins of the past but to me it does already seem like the reward is an emblem and some gear that’s only purpose is “I did the raid look at me”.

  • “OK, I don’t have time for this. Let’s cheese it.”
    After banging our heads against Hard mode Templar for hours that first VoG HM attempt, we cheesed him off the edge with solar grenades. That’s the only time my regular group has ever cheesed a raid boss, tho running it with randoms during HoW I don’t recall a single time we didn’t snipe him from the spawn platform, and it completely ruined the fight. I love how they fixed it for the AoT challenge modes.

    I have yet to complete Calus in a reasonable amount of time, but I really hope Bungie fix this before Prestige comes out. I just wish there was a reason to actually bother with the Calus fight after your character’s first completion beyond getting your clan a raid engram – the other encounters are far, far easier.

  • I disagree with it removing your sense of accomplishment. I played the raid with a group on Discord (everyone on mic) and even with the exploit we spent 2hrs on this boss and then just gave up. They need to re-balance the final boss he’s not fun and it’s just an exercise in frustration.

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