Do You Enjoy Halloween?

It's that time of year where some people start going all out for Halloween - and plenty of others don't.

In Australia, Halloween isn't a traditional holiday. But more and more people get into the spirit. Question is: do you?

That's what we're tackling for this week's Off Topic, since it's the season and all. And while getting into the gaming spirit for Halloween is all well and good - Halloween Battle Mercy is best Mercy, come on - it's another thing to dress up, raid houses for lollies, and so on.

I remember one mate whose family would go completely all-out for Halloween, though. They're traditional Aussies, but they loved spending a month or two getting lights prepared, making basic animatronics, putting together playlists, making costumes, the whole shebang. It was the kind of effort you see a lot of Aussies put into their Christmas decorations, which is always fun.

More Aussies are having their own Halloween parties or themed nights, which is more my kind of flair. Not the costumes bit, but getting into the spirit and making Halloween themed food is something I'm 100% down for. Australia has access to lots of great pumpkin - hell, any time with a roasted bit of pumpkin with some honey mustard dressing on it is a good time - and Halloween is a great excuse to get creative with a cheap ingredient.

But what about yourselves? Is Halloween something you get into the spirit of, and if so, what do you like to do when the spoopy season hits?


    The Ameircans in town have a mad street party, they are all brewers so the kegs never empty and everyone gets dressed up. Good times for everyone.

    It's always Halloween for me, so when Halloween comes around, I like to go all out. Lately, I'm spending more time scaring people at other events, though, so I'm barely, if ever home for Halloween scares now.

    I like having going out to a party and seeing everyone get dressed up and have fun, my only question is why has halloween now become something celebrated for a month? Non stop seeing game events that last a month, posts on social media of people dressing up and attend halloween events at the start of October, it should just be over a weekend at max

      For the gaming side of things I think the longer events are good. Certainly if there is grind involved as being about to to an hour a night and get 20 hours of playtime in and earn the rewards so a good options. Most events would be worthless to me if they were just a single weekend.
      Agree that a Halloween party at the start of October is stupid

        Yeah the Overwatch event, and stuff in other games like WoW is good. Means people who play online multiplayer can strive to get things they wouldn't get any other time of the year. Giving people enough time so they can try smash it out in one session and get what they want, or take their time over a couple of weeks is good. It lets people play games the way they want, especially when the gaming community is getting older and have things like kids, and grown up responsibilities to take care of before they game

    To make it work here, we need to shift it to winter.

    Aussies love cosplay, they love food and horror movies and all the fun things that Halloween is.
    Having it here at the start of summer, it is too hot for costumes, it doesn't get properly dark until 9pm, so setting up a projector or light-show on your house is kind of pointless, chocolate melts in the bag or your hands, and it just isn't spooky when its 35 degrees and bright outside.

    Shift it to winter, and I reckon it would take off here.

      Ditto Guy Fawkes. In November it feels like it gets dark at about 3am. Plus there's usually already massive fire risk warnings in place where I live.

    I like the Halloween sales and seeing all the costumes is fun but it's largely just another seasonal event in games and stores to me.

    To me it makes about as much sense as Australians celebrating America's Independence Day or Americans celebrating Australia Day. It's a holiday celebrated by another culture that is not part of our history at all, so no I don't celebrate it. It's just another day of the year to me.

      yeah im just waiting for the day when "we" start celebrating thanksgiving and the 4th of july. We're not yanks, we dont celebrate yank traditions

      But Halloween was brought over to the US by Irish and Scottish migrants in the 19th century, its roots are much stronger in Europe as "Christianised" version of a pagan harvest festival. It'd be much more apt to say celebrating Halloween makes as much sense as celebrating St Patrick's Day or, to a stretch, Guy Fawkes Day (which, incidentally, we did celebrate at our primary school, burning an effigy in the middle of the football oval).

        I was only making comparisons, I wasn't actually implying that Halloween had American origins, because I know it doesn't.

          Sorry, so many people classify it as a distinctly American holiday, when it has much more diverse (and interesting) origins. I also have a weird interest in paganism, so I'll bring it up when I can.

    I enjoy it a lot, I think it's a great celebration. Australia is starting to really embrace it in the last 7yrs or so. I've been to many parties, taken the child Trick or treating and enjoy the spooky movie playlists.

    I'm also trying to unlock all Overwatch skins! C'mon Symmetra!

    I like it.
    I don't really get into it myself, but I like seeing people have fun.

    The recent rise in Halloween merchandising in stores is also a pleasant distraction from Christmas, which had been creeping earlier and earlier, so that's a bonus too.

      Counterpoint: stores often segue straight from Halloween to Xmas merch, so Hallowen can often lead them to put Xmas stuff out earlier (they don't want to bother filling the space for a few week before they start the Xmas season).

    Fun for the kids to dress up. People who want to participate will put balloons out front on the night, so you don't knock on the door of a sour puss.

    We will usually take them around to a few houses, and have stuff on hand for those who turn up.

    Not interested in buying a huge empty pumpkin for a jack o lantern so have started work on a paper mache one. Will be fun to paint and design with the kids. They are a bit young for the construction so I've gone a bit above and given it the ridges down the sides too, haha. Next year we can make something else spooky and end up with a good collection.

      Mentioned this in my post, but it's stuck in moderation limbo. A good alternative for a pumpkin is watermelon, much more delicious.

    Halloween is my birthday, so I always celebrate, just not Halloween!

    I don't begrudge any Aussies that want to get into it, but I feel that it is not a traditional Australian event whatsoever; it's being pushed here now purely for commercialism reasons. However, I do enjoy the Halloween sales as much as anyone.

    As someone who grew up in a house adjoining the corner store where my parents worked, and who didn't particularly appreciate people wandering up the back stairs year round when we were having dinner, asking to buy smokes/milk/etc, I'm not a fan of the rush of kids effectively doing the same, but expecting free lolly bags - it also gave some of the younger kids the false impression that we might give them free lolly bags any other time they walked into the shop, so we started planning to eat out after the first few years of living there.

    Needless to say, I spend Halloween with my headphones on and lights off.

    I love Halloween and when I was a kid I always wished it was celebrated more here. For a while, I would have lollies/chocolate ready to hand out in case anyone showed up trick or treating. It became worth it one year when some little girl dressed as a witch came doorknocking and was totally surprised to find someone actually had something for her. She was so excited. Some uncostumed teens tried it once too. As they were the only ones to try that night, they scored. But otherwise, no one does trick or treating or anything Halloween releated around here. It's been a few years since anyone knocked.

      As somebody posted above bang some balloons out the front as a way to say you are happy for people to knock

    I love it. I'm a massive horror buff. I don't usually do anything or go anywhere, but I always rewatch some of my favourite horror movies on the weekends before or after. Child's Play 2, Evil Dead 2, Nightmare on Elm Street, Poltergeist and Scream will probably be my weekend.

    If im in the USA then i will celebrate it along with their many other holidays. Here however it can fuck right off

    Cant say it means a single thing to me, beyond it means we normally get a whole bunch of events in game that also dont really mean much to me. But hey, if people enjoy it I dont care, I cant bring myself to be ones of those people who get seriously mad at the mention of it Australia. (I know many people like that)

    It’s a US holiday being cashed in on in Australia.

      It's not a US holiday, it's origins are in Europe and for some reason the US really latched onto it and kind of made it their own. But it certainly didn't start there.

        While all that is true, the aspects and style being pushed here are very American

    Nope. Wish it would just go away. In America it's an established event where the entire country takes place. It doesn't work here, and ends up just being annoying. But over the last decade, shops have realised that hey, if we market the crap out of Halloween, we can sell more rubbishy merchandise BEFORE the Christmas rush! So the more it's promoted, the more kids are sucked in, and it's becoming more and more a part of our culture. Eurgh.

    To be honest I am indifferent to it. But to be honest it can kinda shit me. I am up early in the morning for work. Think 4:30 so having people knock on my door waking me up isn't my idea of fun. Although where I previously lived we had a sign thing going where people in the street who were cool with it would stick it on their letter box so kids knew which houses to go to.

    My husband is American, which is my excuse.

    Hallowe'en is the perfect secular holiday; we read scary stories (Reading Poe's A Cask of Amontillado while drinking good local Amontillado--it's great with blue cheese--has become something of a ritual among our gaming group), we watch scary movies and we eat junk food. What's not to like?

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