EB's Flogging Off Ghost Recon: Wildlands For $32

Image: Ubisoft

Wildlands didn't break any ground when it comes to stories in co-operative drug cartel adventures. But if you just want to ride bikes off cliffs and fire RPGs into helicopters, EB's selling the latest Ghost Recon for $32.

The deal is available for PC and PS4 - but not Xbox One, weirdly - in-store and through EB's online page. It's not bad timing given that the game has just gotten a 4v4 team deathmatch mode, seven months after release.

Mind you, if you want to try before you buy, you can do that until Monday morning. Ubisoft is running a free weekend for the game on all platforms, so you can tear virtual Bolivia up for a day or two before spending a buck.


    I was going to try, but its a 54GB download on PS4, which I suppose isn't a lot these days, but is too much imo for a single weekend of gameplay. It would probably take me half the weekend to download it. lol

    sweet, i might go an see if they have it in stock tomorrow. i did see it was 50% off on steam and uplay too

    I started it playing it last night and the voice acting is just teerrrrrrrrrible. So glad I didn't drop any money on it.

    Wasn't in any way a brilliant game, it could have done with more polish. But it's decent enough to recommend at $32.

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