Famed Japanese Developers List Games They'd Add To Super Famicom Mini

The Super Famicom Mini comes with 21 games pre-loaded, including the never before released Star Fox 2. But if you could add one game to it, what would it be?

[Image: Nintendo]

In a special issue of Famitsu, some of Japan's most famous developers were asked that.

Here are the games they picked:

Interesting list, no? Especially the inclusion of Sound Fantasy.

*Dude, you are supposed to pick one game, not three. **Oh, for fuck's sake.


    @matt1234 Wow, those are pretty much my exact choices (yes including Bubsy).

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    Don't get me wrong, it's a nice little addition.

    But it's still a crime that Chrono Trigger isn't on it!

      Sorry, pressed submit by accident.

      Was also meant to say good to see other designers/developers also recommend that classic.

    Oh yeah. Out of this World and Flashback!

    Shadowrun was also great but prob unplayable now.

    I'd also love Super Star Wars, the entire trilogy but now I'm just wishing.

    The most glaring omission for me is Pilotwings. It's first party US Launch title!

    Such a shame that they didn't use the opportunity to localise Secret of Mana 2/Seiken Densetsu 3 at the same time.

    Chrono Trigger
    R-Type III
    Super Double Dragon
    Final Fight
    Super Bomber Man
    Gradius III
    TMNT Turtles In Time
    Super Smash TV
    NBA Jam
    Earthworm Jim

    Final Fight
    All the mega man and square rpgs that didn't make it. Seriously, they could have added loads more games but then they wouldn't be able to gouge or drop feed customers via the virtual console .

    Also, isn't this console supposed to be rare or something?
    I've walked into three different retailers in the last two days and they've had them available.
    Obviously not EB but jeez, don't people shop around these days or use some initiative to find what they want?

    Chrono Trigger, Harvest Moon and Shadowrun. If they were on it I would have bought one in a heartbeat.

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