Fed Up With Janky Steam Games, Guy Clones One In 12 Minutes

In his Steam review of a game called Glitch Simulator 2018, user IAmPattyJack claimed that "anyone can make it in roughly 25 minutes." But as it turned out, he was wrong. It only took him 12 minutes and 18 seconds.

Glitch Simulator 2018, from the esteemed creators of hits like ISIS Simulator and Suicide Simulator, might just be the snake-eating-its-own-tail moment of slapped-together Steam games: It uses the fact that it's a bug-infested purgatory as its central selling point, breathlessly proclaiming that you can "walk around aimlessly" and "discover bugs & glitches."

IAmPattyJack quickly realised that the game was just a bunch of stock assets from a game creation tool called Game Guru given painful, Frankenstein's-Monster-esque life. So he cracked open a copy of Game Guru and got to work. His version of the game, which you can watch him assemble in the video below, ended up nearly indistinguishable from the original.

Fast forward to 2:50 to see a montage of IAmPattyJack creating his version of the game.

"That's all Glitch Simulator 2018 is," he wrote in a corresponding Steam review. "A blank map, some terrain raised to form a box around an area, two types of zombie characters, an assassin model copied a few dozen times, and three buildings of which two are missing textures."

If that for some reason sounds appealing to you, you can download and play his version, which he named Smorsh Simulator 2018, for free. Meanwhile, Glitch Simulator is currently on sale for $US2.00 ($3).


    This is why game creation tools are a doubled edged sword. On the one hand it makes game development more accessible for those that aren't as interested in or able to code the finer details and optimisations. On the other though, that ease of accessibility makes it easy for people to just throw something together that capitalises on a current trend in a short period of time and sell it.

    I barely have enough time to play the games that have a genuine shot at GOTY. Who has enough time to play this s**t?

      The school kids that saw Goat Simulator videos and thought 'That's hilarious!'

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