Firing Up Destiny 2 On PC, I Noticed These Lines Of Crud Blemishing My Screen

Destiny 2

Firing up Destiny 2 on my PC the first time yesterday, I noticed these lines of crud blemishing my screen.

Can anyone guess how long I spent trying to clean my monitor — before realising that Destiny 2's screen crud is, in fact, an intentional feature?


    You should definitely publish and article about that.

      Yep, why simply publish an article, when you can do both publish and article.

      Don't forget the repost on Gizmodo after lunch. That's needed as well.

    Two minutes to get the cleaning utensils from under the sink, Another five spent trying to clean it before some kind of curb your enthusiasm music started, Not that you were enthusiastic about cleaning because that would mean your a crazy person. If i'm right, What do i win? :)

    Lol. Reminds me where of the time, after a heavy night of drinking, I spent 10 minutes trying to remove one of my contact lenses, only to realise I’d already taken that one out ...


    Dirty backgrounds have been a thing for years get over yourself!

    So, my previous post "has been deemed inappropriate and has been removed" by moderators.
    OK, that's your job, but C'mon, It was basically a word for word copy of the so-called article above, just replacing 'Destiny 2' for 'Kotaku'. If my comment gets deleted, what about the article or it's author?
    Certain words I'm not allowed to use are fine for the author to use.
    Actually, I expect more scrutiny for the professionals rather then the masses who post responses. Talk about hypocrisy.

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