Hatsune Miku Shows Us The Future Of PC Case Mods

Hatsune Miku Shows Us The Future Of PC Case Mods

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Virtual idol Hatsune Miku appears to be dancing inside this modded PC case, which was recently shown in Osaka.

Amazing, no?

Created do-it-yourself PC get together, the case mod is outfitted with a clear LCD panel, giving the appearance that Miku is dancing.

Here is a look inside:

This case mod was on display earlier this summer in Tokyo. Akiba PC Hotline‘s photos shed a little more light onto how the case mod works. 

(Image: Akiba PC Hotline)

[Image: Akiba PC Hotline]

(Image: Akiba PC Hotline)

[Image: Akiba PC Hotline]

(Image: Akiba PC Hotline)

[Image: Akiba PC Hotline]


        • I’ll only accept Luka in an implied lesbian relationship with Miku. By herself, her singing is pretty average (except for Palette) and her comportment is somewhat stilted. She doesn’t have the confidence that Miku or Rin has, for example.

          • I see someone likes Magnet =P I also find Luka’s awkward “do your best!” attitude to grow despite not being as “confident” really adorable though like on Track and Double Lariat.

            I also personally quite like Luka’s deeper voice compared to the rest of the vocaloids. I just find her voice when done well is a lot more eclectic which works for her slow rock stuff (Palette, Tower, Leia) to her techno stuff (Dye, Dancer in the Dark) and all the pop in between (Just Be Friends, Happy Synthesizer) =P Her V4X version sounds a *lot* more smoother if a bit higher pitched than her original voice banks. Been loving all of her older stuff redone on V4X

            Of course my issue is she does get overshadowed by Miku/Rin & Ren because they are the more “kawaii” sound banks XD

          • I do like Magnet 🙂 (…and Ai Dee, and World’s End Dance Hall, and Akatsuki Arrival…)

            Palette is one of my favourite Luka songs too. I agree that her voice is suited to a wider variety of music styles. She’s awesome (just not as kawaii as Miku or the Kagamine twins).

            I’ll check out V4X. Thanks for the tip.

    • I never knew clear LCDs existed till now but I imagine it wont be much more than a regular LCD screen

  • Sure that’s clever… but look at all the space it takes up where you could be putting more rgb.

  • when we be buying extra screens just to have animations/video next to us…. you know we got it gud (as they say)

  • If they ever make cortana useful (to me) on windows 10 i want to do this with a little cortana inside my PC

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