Here's A Good Picard Figure


    His head and neck look too big and his clothes look bad in that full body pose where he's standing on the star fleet badge, but his proportions look good in the one where he's looking at the tricorder.

      Yeah, the proportion seems out of whack. The head seems at least 10% too big for the body. It's looks more like a model of a thunderbirds puppet than an actual person to me. Clothes especially look very poor.

        You're missing the point! Picard is all about the head.

    yeah other than the head sculpt its a pretty bad looking figure with the joints and the poorly made clothing

    Not to continue piling on here, but has this industry still not created a solution for articulated joints that don't look like Action Man figurines from the 90s? Honestly looks so stupid to have highly detailed skin and then these goofy balls for wrists.

      I was going to say "skin colored peaches" instead of "balls for wrists" - but I share your exact sentiment, sir.

      Goofy as hell.

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