Here's Some Of Star Wars: Battlefront 2's Story

If you're still set on seeing what a Sith take on DICE's rebooted Battlefront world looks like, here's an idea of what to expect next month.

As announced before, Battlefront 2's campaign will centre on a Imperial commander Iden Versio. The story kicks off followed the destruction of the second Death Star - after A New Hope basically - although there's a bit of screen time for some Rebel favourites.

Given that Luke Skywalker, Maz Kanata and Princess Leia all make an appearance in one form or another, it's smelling an awful lot like Commander Versio will end up on a different side of the Force than the one she started on.

Hopefully that's not the case - there's enough redemption stories in Star Wars games - but we'll find out how that all pans out in a few weeks.

Update: If you want to see some of the mission gameplay itself, here's some footage from three of the in-game missions:


    Ehh too bad it has micro transactions.

      Will they affect the single-player campaign?
      I really just want to see the story side of it, might wait for the first price drop and ignore the multiplayer.

      sadly the majority of games do these days in one way or the other, i don't mind when purely cosmetic but with p2w stuff very shady...

        Yeah and if I start buying now thats me saying its ok. When its not.

        I wont be buying it.

    The story kicks off followed the destruction of the second Death Star - after A New Hope basically

    Don't you mean after Return of the Jedi?

    Has there been any word on the actual game play for the SP?

    Sure it looks all pretty but that's all cut scenes. Is it similar game play to the MP? What exactly?

      Waiting for the Titanfall rules where it's revealed that they're just cutscenes before the troops jump out onto the battlefield in MP.


        I will always remember.


    Second Death Star was in Return of the Jedi.

    feels weird hearing an american accent comming from dirty imp scum

    My guess is she'll stay with the Empire, but become part of a group that wants to seek peace with the New Republic, as opposed to the "let's give genocide another go" attitude of the First Order.

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