Here's Some Stunning Minecraft Art

Image: Twitter (Dr_Bond)

The Apex Invitational Build contest is an opportunity for Minecraft makers to create the most gorgeous environments in a 501px plot of land. The winners of the tournament have just been announced, and good lord were there some stunning entries.

The winner of the competition - only $US200 - was Dr_Bond, who created what they called a "Perfect Marionette":

Image/GIF: Dr_Bond/Planet Minecraft

"At the center of the piece sits the girl, holding what seems to be a glass ball; however the item is of no significance," the description for the creation, which took four days to build, says.

"It is whatever you desire that she holds, whatever signifies your achievement. A reflection of perfect beauty. The puppeteer looms over her, representing the many conditions and emotions one is controlled by as they embark on their own odyssey."

The second and third place entries were gorgeous in their own right, too. Thomasesc recreated a paleolithic era scene, complete with voxel woolly mammoths:

Images: Imgur/Thomasesc

And Udvio remade a futuristic, industrial world where the development of anti-matter led to the end of humanity:

Image: Udvio/Imgur

You can view all the winners and the other participant presentations on the Builders Refuge website. There's also plenty of incredible works from Builder's Refuge unrelated to the competition just in the last few weeks. Here's a quick sample:

All Images: Planet Minecraft/Builder's Refuge


    I'm curious if these are hand built or mods/programs were used to transfer models to Minecraft.

    Either way they are amazing.

    Are these made from scratch or 3D models converted into Minecraft somehow?

    are these done manually block by block? or by some automated process using a program?

    For anyone asking about how they were built, the rules of the contest state "No importing of schematics (although schematic assets created during the contest can be used)" so I'd guess its built by hand, but they would create schematics for duplicating certain features/regions that are repeated.

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