Here’s The Cheapest Copies Of Assassin’s Creed: Origins In Australia

Here’s The Cheapest Copies Of Assassin’s Creed: Origins In Australia
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If you’re looking to raid the odd tomb or two come this weekend, good news: you can grab Assassin’s Creed: Origins for under $70.

Origins won’t be that cheap at every price at all locations, of course. But you can get it for $64 on consoles at BIG W, which is a good start.

Here’s how much you can get Assassin’s Creed: Origins for in Australia:

Big W: $64

Image: OzBargain

This is the equal cheapest of the major retailers so far. Target haven’t mentioned what they’ll sell Origins for, though. We’ll update this post when we find out what their offer is.

JB Hi-Fi: $64

If Target don’t come in under $65, however, JB will. That’s two major retailers with sub-$70 prices, which ain’t bad for a AAA release.

OzGameshop: $72.99

Not too bad, but remember you’re paying a few dollars extra to wait a fairly long time. Mighty Ape or BIG W are better offers at that point. They don’t have Assassin’s Creed pint glasses, though.

The Gamesmen: $88

On the high side, this.

Harvey Norman: $79

Note that shipping will set you back just under $10, although you can pick up for free in store.

Mighty Ape: $68

Works out to be around $72-73 once shipping is factored in. Pretty reasonable deal if there isn’t a BIG W near you.

Play-Asia: ~$79

Works out to be around Amazon prices once shipping is factored in.

Amazon: ~$86-87

You’ll have to do some shenanigans to get a digital code from Amazon, and even then you’ll need to have US PSN/XBL account to get it to work anyway. The above price is if you just want a copy of the disc shipped to Australia, and that’s not really worth it at those prices.

DVD Land: $89.95

Bit steep to swallow, even if you wanted to support a local retailer.

EB Games: $99.95

Price match only.

PSN: $99.95


Xbox Live/Microsoft Store: $99.95

The deluxe edition only costs a few dollars more, but why would you bother at all?


    • Because eShop is at the RRP. The retailers often fob them off cheaper. Also if they make digital cheaper, it pisses off the shops and they might not stock your console anymore. That’s bad news.

  • I’m looking to get it on Xbox One – with the Xbox One X right around the corner it will be the first third party game I’m buying for Microsoft’s console in a long time

  • I have an even cheaper way…

    [Stands behind @weresmurf as with other past big name releases ….. and uses gift card from aunty.]

    Leaving him alone this time, X-P

      • Yeah, the naval battles were a lot of fun. Unity was balls but Syndicate was pretty good. That said I’ll be waiting on this one as well, it’s always good to give AC games a month or two to get a few patches under their belt.

      • Black Flag was good fun and I absolutely loved the story. Sure, it was completely fictional stories based on real life pirates and events, but it was good.

      • No, I played all through Black Flag, and I stand by my statement. Controversial opinion, I know, but story and mechanics-wise, Brotherhood is probably the best one I’ve played. I get that they tried to mix up the mechanics in Black Flag, but it just made everything feel sluggish and boring to me, and Unity and Syndicate were (bugs aside) by-the-books AC games – nothing that would make me play through effectively the same game for (what would by that point be) the seventh time. Good graphics can’t replace compelling mechanics/progression/story.

        I’m hoping Origins has had enough time in the oven to add something new.

  • Plan on price matching Big W at EB as a surprise for the wife seeing as she has just completed her Thesis for her honors in Biomedical Science. She needs a break.

  • Eb games are really the pits. Today this old guy goes in to buy the new creed for his disabled kid – asks for a price match with Big W – refused without catalogue although the stores about 100 yds away. Asks them to ring store – they refuse so he trudges back to big w with his shopping. Comes back with catalogue asks for a sealed copy – wont give him one. EB say sealed stock offsite and they can get sealed copy in 15 minutes – now he don’t like being out too long but waits 20 minutes they later come back with nothing. Tell the old fella no more copies now offsite and if he wants a sealed copy he can pay for the deluxe around $150. So they stuff him about, waste his time and adopt standover tactic.

    He gets home and complains to eb head office who tell him.

    eb games have no price matching policy of any kind any longer
    eb stores can operate an optional policy with proof required but do not have to ring to verify in the same centre.
    eb stores have limited quantities of games that are sealed like 3/4 copies of big games like creed at launch on xbox in total.
    4.if eb staff tell you to wait for 20 minutes to get something and then come back with nothing and try to sell you something more expensive they’re just doing their jobs.

    Australian retailing at its finest.

  • “US XBL account to get it to work anyway“

    Nope, not even slightly true… I have an Aussie XBL account and buy digital codes off Amazon US all the time!

    You do need to make your amazon account have a fake US postal address but that’s really not going to stop anyone.

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