Here's The Cheapest NBN Plans For Every Speed Tier

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Whether you like it or not, the NBN means you'll have to have change your internet plan sooner or later. If you don't switch to the National Broadband Network within 18 months of your area going live, there's a good chance you'll lose your traditional phone and internet services.

Just under six million premises are able to get NBN at the time of writing, but only around half have actually taken up a connection. This means at least three million Aussies are staring down the barrel of the cut-off.

Switching to the National Broadband Network might seem like a lot of effort - especially if you're not expecting wildly better performance - but to help out, we've picked out some of the cheapest plans across the four main speed tiers: 12Mbps, 25Mbps, 50Mbps, and 100Mbps.

A cheap NBN plan can be a very attractive option, but there are two points worth considering. Firstly, cheaper plans can be more prone to congestion during peak hours, but we've heard reports of larger telcos' customers experiencing similar problems.

Secondly, cheaper plans can often attract setup fees, especially when they're not on a contract. Some providers charge as much as $200 to setup your connection, which makes your total cost over a year much higher than a low monthly fee would suggest.

We've tried to look for plans with no setup fees, but these require you to bring your own modem. As such, we've also picked out a couple of no-contract plans that include a NBN-ready modem for each speed tier; the minimum total cost for these is listed under the monthly fee.

WhistleOut's own research shows the majority of us are now opting for at least 500GB of data, so we've used this as a minimum allowance for the plans in this comparison.

NBN 12 plans

NBN 12 connections are very much the bare minimum when it comes to NBN, offering ADSL-like download speeds of up to 12Mbps and download speeds of up to 1Mbps. These connections tend to be the absolute cheapest you'll find, and in most cases, start around $60 per month. Amaysim is an outlier thanks to a promo where you'll get your first six months for $40 per month.

The cheapest NBN 12 plans (no modem)

The cheapest NBN 12 plans (with a modem)

NBN 25 plans

NBN 25 is a standard no-frills internet connection. With download speeds of up to 25Mbps and upload speeds of up to 5Mbps, it's just fast enough for 4K streaming. Amaysim is again a winner here thanks to promo where you get $20 off your first six-months. However, if you need a modem, you'll pay a little less upfront on your first month if you go with Belong.

The cheapest NBN 25 plans (no modem)

The cheapest NBN 25 plans (with a modem)

NBN 50 plans

While NBN 50 plans aren't always commonly offered, they're a nice middle ground if you want something faster than 25Mbps but don't want to spring for a 100Mbps plan. You can expect download speeds of up to 50Mbps and upload speeds of up to 20Mbps. If you don't need an NBN-ready modem, Aussie Broadband is your cheapest option at $75 per month. Barefoot and Mate come in second at $89 per month each.

The MyRepublic NBN 50 plan might be the cheapest option below to include a modem, but the telco also has an NBN 100 plan for the same monthly price.

The cheapest NBN 50 plans (no modem)

The cheapest NBN 50 plans (with a modem)

NBN 100 plans

NBN 100 is the fastest widely available NBN product, offering download speeds of up to 100Mbps and upload speeds of up to 40Mbps. These kinds of plans will start at around $75 per month, with MyRepublic currently offering the cheapest month-to-month rates. If you'd prefer a different provider, Amaysim is a good middle ground, offering unlimited data for $90 per month.

The cheapest NBN 100 plans (no modem)

The cheapest NBN 100 plans (with a modem)

Of course, there's plenty of other ways to save money when it comes to NBN plans, including opting for a lower data allowance or signing your soul away for a 12 or 24-month contract. If you've found an NBN deal that you love, let us know in the comments.


    I'm wondering in what other peoples experience, is the best NBN provider? I've heard some horror stories around the consistency of speeds that are offered.

      I'm with MATE Communicate. 100/40 plan - Unlimited data and it's $99 per month.

      Thus far, their service has been quick, excellently informative and not insulting. I actually got into a conversation with one of the support staff about the ASUS router I'm using, and how badass it is. It's good that they hire people that know what's going on, why it's happening, and what the tech world looks like.

      But that's just so far. I could have a horrible experience myself if I get the unfortunate chance of talking to Jim on a Friday that he's just been told he has to stay late for work. Jim's not happy. Jim might be an asshole to a customer about this.

      Apologies - I'm trying to make 2 points

      1) Don't buy too much into the horror stories you read online
      2) MATE is rad and very fast - Peak usage still shows some very impressive, very livable speeds. (Reference:

    Honestly didn't think there would be a difference between the companies.

    I grudgingly switched to NBN just to make the harassment of phone calls to get me to switch over stop & now i can't play multyplayer because of a weak ass signal, Yay! Awesome!.

    Bill Morrow: "“Even if we offered it for free, we see the evidence around the world that they wouldn’t use it anyway."
    *makes fast speeds mandatory*

    When did MyRepublic raise their price? I'm still paying $59.99/month

      The $60 a month was if you signed up before a certain date. Now it's 70 on contract and 75 off.
      Like you I got on board at 60. Great deal. Nothing even nomes close. Even the current prices are the best available.

    Hope you all enjoy your superfast speeds of "between 12Mbps and 100Mbps".

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    This comment is not available.

    So if you've got no data on congestion for each of these ISPs, how are you supposed to compare them? After the first few months, a connection fee is the least of my worries.

    Price should be the least of your concerns when looking for an NBN plan. Read as many reviews as you can. Many providers over subscribe including the big ones, resulting in horrible speeds during peak times.
    I recommend not locking yourself in to a contract and avoiding providers that give unlimited data.

    Why is SpinTel filtered out of the results (you can see it's unticked in the provider list when you view the filters). Also, why is TPG missing from the provider list altogether? Neither of those things bode well for the neutrality of this information.

    Trying to determine if Amaysim or Aussie Broadband is a better RSP for NBN. Amaysim is a great Mobile Service Provider, not sure about Internet, however...

    Why didn't you list My Republic under the 100 mbps connections? They're the cheapest at $69.99 per month.

    Makes me not want to trust any of the options you've provided are the "cheapest"

    We've got cable and we're holding onto it for as long as necessary. Too many horror stories.

    My internet works, I'm used to it, I'm keeping it.

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