Here's The Latest Justice League Trailer

Image: Youtube (Warner Bros)

Keen for more on-screen action with Aquaman, Batman, Wonder Woman and more? Here's the latest trailer for you.

Apart from featuring a wonderfully cheeky Gal Gadot saving Batman from being ripped out of the Batmobile, there's plenty of scenes showing off The Flash and Cyborg's roles in the movie as well. All in all, it just looks like a silly, fun popcorn flick.

What do you think?


    Feeling Whedons influence all over this, that's definitely a positive. Can't wait to see it.

      I feel the opposite. Maybe there's a line or two of Whedon, but this is all Zach stuff.

        Disagree entirely. The dialogue is definitely not trademark Snyder, you only need to watch his previous movies to pick up on that. The colour palette too is not indicative of his, as is the framing over certain shots, such as the Flash being centralised in the frame. Snyder prefers full body shots etc. The filter is gone *thank god* with the grainy, washed out look* and we finally have a bright, colourful look. This absolutely screams Geoff Johns influence all over it with Whedons reshoots.

          I get what you mean about the dialogue but I would have to disagree about the colour palette, Snyder did say this was gonna be a brighter film than BvS and WB has already confirmed that Whedon was/is making changes/additions that Snyder had approved and they had discussed beforehand.

          As far as colour, it's just the colour grading and there's talk the films been lightened up. That's all post work. It wouldn't have even been final in the previous trailers. This is mainly CGI heavy action scenes, which is not what Joss was brought into do.

            It is colour grading, but when comparing it to Man of Steel and BVS, two movies Snyder worked on prior, his colour grading was abysmal. It's not as if we don't have a solid base of work to compare to here.

    I feel like antman is a typo

    "Keen for more on-screen action with Antman, Batman, Wonder Woman and more? Here's the latest trailer for you."
    Did you mean Aquaman?

      Couldn't you see him on the tip of Aquaman's trident?

    Its looking great except for Cyborg. Holy fuck thats just horrible. Heres hoping this is just older footage and its been polished.....

    This looks like shit. How much shots of smirks do we need. HOW MUCH SLOW MO DO THEY NEED!

      You're literally talking about a movie with several characters that can move faster than the human eye can perceive, including one that ends up moving so fast that he can be everywhere on Earth nearly simultaneously...

      ... I'd say slo-mo is pretty important.

      Last edited 11/10/17 5:11 am

        Really? Half of WW was slow mo for most of the movie.

        Slo mo if used correctly is great, in this case its all been used bad. for instance when the Flash trips, why have that in slow mo? why not have him going fast then slam he trips?

          That's the point... it's the Flash! If they didn't slow it down, you wouldn't see anything.

            The Justice League cartoon seems to go ok with out slow mo.

    FYI, I've fixed it up. Arms down people.

      Hey guys, I just got back from the pitchfork store... Am I too late?

        No *exposes abdomen* stab away, sir

          Man, a willing scapegoat?


          Where's the fun in that?

    I hope they don't use as much CG in action scenes as the last few films. That was my biggest gripe with Wonder Woman and it really hurt Batman V Superman (though the runtime and editing were what ruined that one).

      You must've loathed Guardians of the Galaxy...

        Nah, they used the CG better in that. The DC movies keep trying to use it in action sequences and I don't feel animation technology's at a high enough level for that yet. If the CG is static (like Rocket mostly), or not held on screen for long periods, it works out. Otherwise you get that uncanny valley effect the DC movies gave me.

    wonderfully cheeky Gal Gadot

    her stunt double at the beginning is wonderfully cheeky too.

    I'm still on the fence on this one. Both the last Snyder and Whedon comicbook movies were terrible so I don't hold up much hope for this one.

    I'm someone who loved Man of Steel and really liked Batman v Superman. Not really feeling this trailer, but eh even if they revealed Batfleck suit has nipples. I will still be there in the cinema day one.

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